Carol Neily’s Lyon Hideaway

last month, carol of basic french (a fantastic shop for all things french) let us take a sneak peek into her recently renovated french country home. after looking through her incredible photos, i think we all wanted to pack up and move in with carol and her lovely daughters. but now i’m ready to pack a second bag because carol was gracious enough to share even more home photos- this time of her french city home. carol’s french city apartment is located in lyon, in a neighborhood full of chic stores, galleries, antique shops, upholsterers, and world-class artisans. aside from living my dream life, carol live in a home full of incredible antiques and contemporary pieces from groups like objet de curiosite and local lyon shops. i instantly fell in love with the beautiful coral prints, created by carol’s friend, isabelle grange. several of the pieces in carol’s home can be found at basic french if you’re looking to recreate the look and feel of carol’s home, so feel free to check out the shop here or shoot carol a line here (just click “contact”). in the meantime, i hope you’ll enjoy carol’s beautiful french apartment as much as i did. [thanks, again to carol for sharing her second home with us. all photos were taken by carol and photographer ellen silverman] as always, you can click here for full-sized, an additional, photos of carol’s beautiful french apartment.


amazing home for sure.. just seems so out of reach for most of us that it is hard to look at.. i hope she earned it!! haha.. wonderful place!


does anyone know where the lamp in the bedroom photo is from, or where I can find a similar one?

Gina Louise

Lyon is a pretty wonderful place to live, and there are many neighborhoods like this one. Not as many people think to come here to visit, but it is most definitely worth the trip, if only for the shops and the restaurants (it is the gastronomical capitol of France, after all!) Also, the people watching is incredible.


It looks like such a lovely place! I can only hope my new place looks half as good.


That street looks like a great place to spend some time! I love the clean but comfortable/lived in look of the apartment. It’s great how she mixed antiques with completely modern pieces and made them work so well together.


Gushing. LOVE the modern sofa sharing the same space as the formal courtier portraits. Masterful, comfortable, personal.


So I think the linens and rugs in the girls’ room come from Greengate, a Danish company I’ve just discovered that smacks so closely of Cath Kidston I’m stunned they’re getting away with it, but at the same time find so charming I can’t resist it! Is anyone else familiar with Greengate?


just stunning. i love the portraits of the women throughout the home. Really comforts you and draws the different rooms together.

Carol B. Neiley

Salut!! Thanks for all your thoughtful comments. I love my apartment too, and though small it is a very cheery place to work and live. Emily asked about the lamp in my bedroom. It is an alabaster lamp I bought at a yard sale for 5 Euros last summer, and the shade is from (my favorite store.) And then Christine commented on the Greengate sheets in my girls’ bedroom. She is right—they are from Greengate, a great company which is less expensive than Cath Kidston. I love their products and over the years we have featured some of them at Basic French though we do not have these sheets. Anyway, thanks again for all the great input—it’s encouraging—and if you want to know more about our life here in France and where we shop in Lyon…


I love the apartment and would move in if I could! It’s beautiful!

I love the bedroom and the corner where the coats are hung up.


What a stunning home! I am curious as to where you got the bunk beds.

Carol B. Neiley

The bunk beds came from Habitat (the French version of Conrans and one of my favorite stores. They have great stuff, not too expensive, but good quality.