rug roundup part one: runners

today is the first of a three-part product roundup dedicated to rugs. over the next three weeks i’ll be rounding up a large selection of rugs divided into the following categories: runners, patterned rugs and solid/basic rugs. today we’re kicking things off with runners- my favorite way to add color to dark hallways. i’ve been looking for a great runner for months now and have come to the conclusion that i’m going to save up for a piece from bev hisey. below i’ve rounded up a selection of runners from various stores, but if you’re looking for more options these are some of my favorite shops to check for rugs and runners: velocity art and design, unica home, 2modern, target (they have more than i can even process), west elm, cb2, all modern, urban outfitters, anthropologie, crate and barrel and pottery barn. if you have any favorites you feel are missing, please add them in the comment section below and we’ll add them as we go along.

[image above, left to right: angela adams ‘mammy’ runner $425, hanson runner $59.95, solara indoor/outdoor runner $129, islands runner $425]

[image above, clockwise from top left: quixotic reverie runner $248, lucky stars runner $180, tenso runner $248, bailey runner $79.99, brooke slate runner by madeline weinrib, suzi pink runner by madeline weinrib appx. $2500]

[image above, clockwise from top left: sand vines runner $1,000, seeds runner $1,000, clover runner $875, dandelion runner $368, palm runner $1350, galliformes runner $248]

[image above, clockwise from top left: bev hisey wool runner $220]

[image above, clockwise from top left: rugs from bev hisey (these are narrow enough to be used in wider hallways)]

[image above, left to right: amy helfand runner, painted graphic runner $28, scroll flocked runner $28]

[image above, left to right: striped berber runner $54.99, lulu runner $425, uptown runner $79.99, sofia runner $199.99]

[image above: create your own custom runner with flor tiles from interface flor. around $12.99 per tile and up]


Ooh I love the Bev Hisey ones! And I love that you’ve put some more affordable choices too! :-)


I don’t know how you do it! We were just talking about changing up our rugs :) What a perfect collection, so inspiring!


Yay! This comes just as I’ve decided to finally replace all our runners in the house (from the previous owners).


I’m thrilled about this guide! I’ve been desperate to find striped flatweave rugs for my LR–I hope hope hope you were able to track some down!

@my ruppel

Peace Industry:

I’ve had mine for 5 years, and it’s still looking brand new. The thick felted, all natural wool is incredible, and Melina’s designs are sublime!


I am so excited for the rest of this guide! I have been on a long search for a patterned 6×9 to go with my pale gray sofa. So glad I will have new sites to look through :)


I’m saving for SNOWBALL from Gee’s Bend (available through but at $5k, it’s a slow process! These runners were great to look at and think about ~ thanks for all the hard work!


Do you think these could be used as stair runners? What if the stairway has a curve? Has anyone done this?


yesss! i am with everyone else on the excited boat. i am in desperate need of a living room rug and i’ve been going out of my mind trying to find something affordable.


heres a question for anyone who wants to answer: Ive got old nasty brown carpet and not enough in my pockets to redo my floors.. would a rug be weird over carpet? im sure lots of people do it, but it just seems odd to me. so yeah, any opinions on that????? thankkk youuu.

Adrienne Breaux

Oh runners! What a great and fun way to add color to narrow spaces. I definitely love Flor tiles the best, you can customize the style you want. And Deebo, I don’t think it’s weird at all to put a rug over carpet. I would just make sure you do something with fun colors and patterns to be enough contrast to not make it look like you’re trying to “match” the carpet underneath!


FANTASTIC! thanks SO much for this. (right, now fingers crossed they’re not all US only)


gorgeous finds! with 2 dogs, 1 cat, and a habit of wearing my shoes in the house, i tend to stick to drab IKEA rugs. but you’ve inspired me to be a bit more daring and try a runner or two!

Kelly Stewart

As a weaver,and fan of all things rugs, I was very happy to see this round up collection.I would like to add to this round up some work we create from our small home based studio.Southwest inspired handwovens,using recycled materials,from bold colors,to earth tones.We are happy to be able to show these through
As an artist,and home owner Design Sponge is a wonderful place to stay inspired.


Grace, check out Ballard Designs. They have a good selection of traditional rugs, and nice indoor/outdoor rugs.

Deebo – I think you can absolutely put a rug on top of carpet. We’re thinking of doing it ourselves to cover up the kids’ messes ; ) For future reference, keep in mind that the backing of some rugs can discolor lighter carpet.


Hi Grace (and all!) — check out for a another fresh, fun selection of rugs and runners. My mom (their designer) was an award winning children’s book illustrator for 13 years and this gives the motifs she works with — and how she works with them — a unique twist! Enjoy!

Both she and I have been big fans of Design Sponge since stumbling across it indirectly through a Daily Candy post last fall. Thanks for the constant inspiration, Grace!


Hi Grace, Glad you like Bev Hisey; she’s a good friend and we’re lucky enough to have one of her fab rugs in the Anise pattern. It looks simply gorgeous in our living room!

She’ll be showing her new designs at the ICFF so be sure to stop by and say hello.


I have been looking for a 12′ runner for a long time. Without going the custom route, what are my options?


I like Dash & Albert’s whole line – simple, classic, preppy and then very good fresh looking Americana too. Broad selection.


does anyone know where to purchase bev hisey products either online or in the LA area?


I would also like to know if I could put any of these runners on a curved stairway? Love the colors.
Thanks, Sheila