new: paul loebach

by Grace Bonney

i first met paul loebach, a brooklyn-based designer, at last year’s brooklyn designs show. his was the first booth you saw when you walked in the show and, after walking the entire fair, it was a clear favorite for me. creative, friendly and full of innovative ideas, paul has continued to produce new work and garner much deserved praise since his bk debut and now he’s showing a new collection at this year’s milan furniture fair.

paul was kind enough to send over a little sneak peek at the new pieces he’s showing and i’m loving his expansion into the world of textiles. paul’s felted wool ‘nothing lost’ quilt (designed along with jessie henson) is patterned after an ancient biblical proverb often adopted by american quilters in the civil war era. in his piece, positive and negative shapes are laser cut from wool felt and stitched back together. the two resulting quilts are inverse matches, made with zero waste.

in addition to ‘nothing lost’ paul is showing a new set of nesting stools, ‘step stools’, and a distorted candle stick made of bronze alloy called ‘speed metal’. if you happen to be heading to milan for the furniture show i hope you’ll check out paul’s work. otherwise, please click here for more information on paul’s designs. [thanks, paul!]

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