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marisa avelar design

by Grace Bonney

i mentioned my love of all things collage-y yesterday and today i’m still on the same trip, loving these beautiful pieces from marisa avelar. i’ve been looking at marisa’s website since we returned from savannah because, in the craziest turn of events, it turns out we walked by and watched a portion of her wedding in forsyth park. i even snuck a few pictures of the event so i could see what it would look like to set up our wedding in an outdoor venue. then we discovered that marisa reads the site and everything turned into a big “what a small world” moment. since then i’ve been drooling over marisa’s work and saving bits of her website design (which i find as lovely as her actual work) as inspiring for the wedding. i thought i’d share some of my favorite pieces of marisa’s site in hopes that they might be inspirational for some of you too- for wedding or non-wedding purposes.

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  • I actually went to the same college as Marisa! We have a few mutual friends and she was always so nice whenever we talked.

    I love her work and I enjoyed going to her Senior Exhibition – it’s all so inspiring!

  • Marisa is my new favorite artist!
    Thanks for introducing her to us, Grace! I also love the collage genre. I didnt think anyone could give Lisa Congdon a run for her money, but Marisa might be that person!

  • Marisa’s works are truly beautiful. Her ability to create depth with colors and textures are two of my favorite things. These characteristics match her personality too. She is a wonderful person with a beautiful spirit. Congrats Marisa!