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LA recap

late last night i returned from los angeles and what could only be described as a trip that left me smiling ear to ear and wanting to come back to LA as soon as possible. as a new yorker, we’re sort of taught to dislike LA but I fell into deep like with the city right away. the weather, the people (so friendly!), the history- it was such an incredible place to spend two jam-packed days. i just wanted to share some of my photos from the trip and then i’ll jump back into regular thursday before + after content. and thank you again to everyone who came out to tuesday night’s biz lady meetup. we had close to 200 women there (the biggest yet!) and i don’t think i could have left feeling more inspired by a room just brimming with talent. thank you to everyone who made my trip the fantastic 2 days that it was- i’ll definitely be back in LA as soon as i can. i think the sunny weather-bug has bitten me and i’m dying to ride around in a convertible again looking at houses in the hollywood hills. thank you again to everyone in LA. [image above: the bathroom at chateau marmont]

[images above: a fantastic afternoon at chateau marmont with susie and heidi of rock scissor paper]

[image above: a frank lloyd wright house in the hollywood hills]

[images above: incredible glass floral chandeliers at the beverly hills hotel]

[image above: next at mario batali's mozza restaurant, where we sat next to hank azaria and josh malina (so cute)]

[image above: one angle on the LA Biz Ladies, via AT:LA]

[image above: me, kit pistol from project runway and julie wolfson from the LAist]

[image above: a room full of LA biz ladies]

[image above: biz lady speakers! left to right: d*s, lindsay horstman of smith barney, tanya aguiniga, tootie and billie from reform school]

[image above: last but not least, billie and tootie's mustache tattoos- on their index fingers! too funny]

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i wish i’d taken dorky pictures of our breakfast matt! i felt too silly asking you to pose for a photo over pancakes- thank you so much again for coming out to meet me- it was SO fun!



Looked like you had fun. Did you get the Fennel/Sausage pizza at Mozza? To DIE for!

Billie & Tootie

OH MY ___!! You know we love you Grace but now we’re going to have to kill you for posting that moustache pic.. I swear we had make-up on when we got there..
We had such a blast, Thanks so much for including us..


Heidi & I had such a great time with you on Monday afternoon. What a gorgeous day! I’m so glad that you had a great trip and that we were able to share with you some of the places we love in our city. Part 2 next time?


Ooo I’m heading out to LA in a few weeks. I can’t wait to break out my own colorful sundress!


I have to know what is in the Mozza bag at your place setting???


Wow..what a great trip! It makes me want to go so bad. And your right..as a fellow NY’er. But I have a feeling I’d fall in love with it!

Thank you so much for sharing :)


Thanks so much, Grace! The event was so helpful and inspiring. I’m glad you had a wonderful time in LA…and will take your fun stories back to NY. (I think people that say they dislike LA are just secretly jealous of our weather and landscape! :)


as an ex new york biz lady, and currently la biz lady, i have to say, that if we have more events like this, then l.a. will be almost as inspiring as new york. of course in a completely, sunny and beautifully different way. let’s do it again.

Chocolate and Steel

That was such a great gathering. I left feeling very inspired. And now I feel like I need to talk to everyone on the street that I pass because it seems like there are a lot of like minded people here. So much creative talent!


oh these pictures make me homesick! so glad you could have a new perspective on L.A. though :)


@ Donna

The house in the post is actually the Frank Lloyd Wright designed Ennis House, which was in Day of the Locust. The Sowden House you linked to is on Franklin, not in the Hills.

melissa lewis

Looks like so much fun. Thanks for the inside scoop and all the pictures. Though I so wish I had been there in person:)


we came up from san diego; started the day at the LA textile show and ended it with 200 creative women at the get-together. we had a good time and came away with great info. thanks for coming out to SoCal!

Julie Wolfson

Tuesday was the most fun day ever! Thanks Grace!!

In the bags at Mozza are a napkin and silverware. Sorry it’s not something more exciting. We had an amazing meal: brussel sprouts with prosciutto crumbs, baked cauliflower, peas with yogurt, 4 kinds of pizza and a dessert of caramel gelato with fresh marsh-mellow and spanish peanuts. So good.
The biz ladies meeting was so inspiring. A fantastic group of women and Crumbs Bakeshop mini cupcakes too!!


Happy to hear that you had fun. It shows in the pics.

btw… LOVE your dress!


thanks for sharing the pics! it was truly inspiring! come back soon, grace! we should have meetups more often =)


Can anybody tell me where the wodden lamps from the AT:LA shot came from?! Especially the flat oval middle one on the pic where the lady wears a matching net hat.
Looks like a lot of fun – great pics. Let’s unite – yeah!


You’re lucky you got a few shots at the Chateau Marmont. I was there a few months back, and they “discouraged” photographs! Sounds like it was a great trip.


i thought they might, so i took them quickly. sienna miller was across the way so i didn’t want to make it look like i was trying to snap a picture of her.

and yes, those “gentleman” are the loveliest on the block ;)



are you going to post any recap of discussions at the LA Biz meeting?



the notes were posted on tuesday morning- we don’t film or record the groups (i find it makes the attendees uncomfortable) so the notes are the best i can do for now.

i’m hoping to change that for next year- stay tuned for the announcement about the format change this fall. :)



Tootie and Bille, my friend Charlie has a matching tattoo. This secret society is farther-reaching than I thought! :) But really, we’re in LA too, so it might not be a coincidence at all.


please, please tell me you rented a hybrid for driving around all over the place?!


I’m so glad you liked LA! I just wrote about how so many people hate LA, but I really love the city. Looks like an awesome trip- I’ve always wanted to check out the Chateau Marmont. -X


How I wish i could have been there. I’m recovering from foot surgery and couldn’t drive, but I heard from
Christine of Chocolate and Steel that it was fab. If you ever come back to L. A. I’ll be there with bells on.

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