GMA (eco-friendly design under $100)

just a quick time-out before our next before & after: the good morning america video clip is up online now. aside from talking way, way too fast, i think overall it wasn’t a total bomb so i’m thrilled. mostly i’m overjoyed that i got a chance to talk about some of my favorite artists and independent shops on a national television program. click here to check it out.


grace, you did an AMAZING job! you are great on tv! thank you again..i’m honored to be part of your picks.


Nice job Grace!!!!! You are a natural! And aside from all the great product info, I also enjoyed catching a glimpse of that sparkle on your left hand. ;-)



Great job Grace!!! You were fantastic! And how great to be able to promote some of your favorite designers. A win win situation!


Awesome job! I never would have been able to maintain my composure and avoid tripping over my words for that whole time. I totally don’t think you were talking too fast, either. Great outfit, too ;) Congrats!


Wow – you were so relaxed and cool. Great job!! (also, nice ring!!)


Bah, it’s not working on my computer. Oh well, you look cute as a button! Congrats!



Congrats! I thought you did a fantastic job and I loved the yellow dress you wore too!



grace – your sweater is so cute. where did you get it?


thanks guys!

lucy- my sweater is from jcrew, it’s my security blanket. i wear it everywhere . and the dress is from banana republic.



Grace! that was awesome. I had so much fun watching the cute eco-friendly picks. Great outfit too!



grace, you did so great! :) congratulations! great product picks and i, too, loved seeing the sparkle of your engagement ring!

Rachael Cole

Congrats! Nicely done!!! And I love that you are promoting smaller designers and stores.

the gutless wonder

‘wasn’t a total bomb’? You’re nuts, girl… You were great– very articulate and informed. The segment was memorable and really well put together.


you looked completely natural :) i’m totally impressed! and i covet your sweater!


greta job! wow, you’re really good at speaking for television…better than the person from GMA!


IMO, you were far more natural than whoever that was on the other side of the interview. Nice work Grace!


Woo hoo! That was great , Grace! I don’t think you spoke too quickly – it was just right. Congrats!!


Grace that was amazing! Your outfit was adorable. Such an informative segment – congrats!


You were absolutely adorable, and very charming. You did not talk too fast! (And you were far more polished than the GMA chica!)


that’s so awesome! goooooo grace! you were so in your element and so natural. i can’t wait to meet the-now-even-more- famous-grace next week in l.a! thanks for representing all the little businesses out there!

lauren w

you were wonderful, and it’s great to get to see you on t.v. . i’ve always thought that you have the perfect radio/t.v. voice, too. i could definitely see you doing your own segment on npr one day.

carrie gordon

you did a fantastic job….loved your outfit too.


grace – you were super! great great job and rainer loved your outfit!


what about a weekly d*s podcast?! you could include video clips of before/afters, or DIY projects (like the fantastic marshmallow video), tours… HMM!

alisa miller

yay! that was great! you’re a natural! congratulations and hopefully those stores are being overrun with customers now!


Oh Grace ! you were fantastic ! loved your outfit by the way , i am so excited for you ! great job :)


Congrats! You looked so relaxed, and I don’t think you were talking too fast at all. You’re a total natural!


Grace you were amazing, so sophisticated. The other woman is kind of crass. Your class totally eclipsed her.


Great job Grace! You seemed very relaxed, had an excellent flow and your recall of all the products was seamless.


Thanks so much everyone!

Just a quick note- the host, Alyse, was really, really sweet. She was so kind to even think of me for this segment. She had to do her entire segment without cue cards or a working prompter so if there was any weirdness, that was probably it. I know you didn’t mean it maliciously Sol, but I just wanted to stick up for her and any “crass”-ness you mentioned. She was really very friendly and awfully generous to let me promote these independent artists on a big TV show :)



OMGoodness Grace!!! You were wonderful! You are absolutely adorable, and did a bang up job! And you didn’t talk fast at all!! I loved everything you covered – it was so wonderful! It was so funny, when the camera did close-ups on your hands, I was trying to get a closer look at your engagement ring, but couldn’t quite make it out, but from the little tidbit shots I saw, it was beautiful. Great job, honey! All the best, Marisa


Grace you are a natural in front of the camera! You didn’t talk too fast at all. Very informative and fun segment to watch. Fantastic job!

ps. was that gorgeous diamond you were sporting eco friendly too? ;)


P.S. I know you do design guides here and there for different cities, and if you ever consider doing one for Jacksonville, FL, I would be most happy to help you out in providing a list of amazing shops/home design/eateries we have down here!


you were composed, informed, articulate, and perfectly dressed………… are a natural, and “gracious”! congratulations……

ms. spinach

so cute! you did *such* an awesome job. (i didn’t think you talked fast at all! it all was pretty perfect and professional, like you’d been doing it for years…)

anyway, congrats!


You looked gorgeous Grace! Awesome job, you definitely have a knack for it!

Sarah W.

I didn’t think you were talking fast at all!!!!! I loved it you looked absolutely perfect and so pretty :)


Grace, you were such a natural. Completely non-laughter inducing like you originally …ahem…suggested. you looked so comfortable and very much in your environment I might add :)


Grace, you were awesome! You looked totally at ease on tv– it is so great that you were just how you are in person, so it was totally genuine. YAY!


Such a great performance, congratulations! I enjoyed seeing you on the show this morning while drinking my coffee behind my computer. You were doing an awesome job! So nice to see you and you didn’t talk to fast at all. Enjoy this moment and I’m sure we will be seeing much of you on tv in the future! irene xx

samantha hahn

Grace, you were a poised pro. I hope you feel really great about your job on there. They’ll probably want to snatch you up for a show!


Great job! I don’t think you talked to fast at all and the piece was fun and informative.


Grace, you rocked GMA!
Sweet, articulate, informed, and poised! I hope you got to have REALLY BIG drink after all that stress!


Grace, you were fantastic! You didn’t talk fast at all- there was a lot to say so you had to keep it zippy. I thought you seemed totally natural and at easy. Kudos.


I didn’t think you talked too fast at all! Though most people tell me to slow down when I talk… anyway, I thought you were great! Didn’t miss a beat. Very cute outfit, too :)


Looks like it might not be downloadeable for those outside the US ~ boo! Any chance of making it available via your site, Grace? In hope, from NZ…


You did great Grace!
I don’t think you talked to fast!
Warm, easy to understand, intelligent—

Rock on!



Yay, Grace!! What a wonderful segment — you did a great job!


I just watched it. I think you did a great job! You looked fabulous too! Congratulations.



i’m so sorry! perhaps it’s a plug-in issue? i just heard from another NZ reader and she got it to run ok. it shouldn’t require a download, just a video app to run the clip.

so sorry- thanks for trying! :)



Great segment, Grace! Wonderful products, solid information, and a great voice (definitely did NOT speak too fast). Be proud of yourself – you just kicked butt on national tv! BRAVO.


Fantastic job, Grace!
We’ve never met, but I still felt so proud of you! Here’s to your new career!


Just saw the clip and am totally impressed. You look great, sound great & spoke with such ease! Grace you are superwoman! Congratulations!


I remember not too long ago all of us were boosting your spirits after H&G folded – telling you how sure we all were that something huge was certainly coming your way. WOW! What an amazing accomplishment. See kids, good taste really can get you somewhere. No one deserves it more. Rock on Grace!


As with everyone else, I too enjoyed it! And i would like to add that you were wonderfully smile-y and warm, which was great. you obviously love what you do. congrats :D

oh and ps for Jo – it should work cos i’m in australia and it worked for me. update your plugins to the most recent ones. or possibly change your firewall settings if they are quite strict :)

meg Ilasco

congratulations! (sorry i’m all late.) first, you looked supremely cute. i love yellow and stripes! and second, you didn’t talk fast at all. you’re a total pro on camera!


Grace I didn’t mean it maliciously, but I was thiking that next to you, anyone would seem crass-ish.

amy marcella

grace, that was AMAZING! i am so happy for you! i can totally see you having a regular segment or even YOUR OWN SHOW! Grace Bonney – the Rachel Ray of interiors. ( I like Rachel Ray). Your outfit was great, but I was trying to peep your ring the whole time too. :)


Great Job Grace! I was so impressed by your performance–have you done television before? If not, you definitely looked like a pro.

Brian Everett

Umm, you did awesome and let me say that AC is a very lucky man!


Grace, you did a wonderful job! I don’t think you talked too fast — gave the hostess time to ask more questions. Congrats!


Good Morning Grace, I wasn’t around the computer yesterday and just viewed the segment. You did a GREAT job, your name fits you well!


Congratulations Grace! It was great to see you live, you are such a sweet person.


I remember when you lost your job at the magazine, talk about when one door closes a window opens. This is your window Grace. You did good!


Sol said:
April 10th, 2008 – 3:25 pm
Grace you were amazing, so sophisticated. The other woman is kind of crass. Your class totally eclipsed her.

What an obnoxious statement. They both did well and seemed very professional.

decor8 Holly

I can’t wait to check this out online, I was hoping you’d post a think. And congratulations, being on Good Morning is huge and gives us bloggers a lot to be proud of. Yay!


What a great piece…nice to see you ‘in person’ sort of. Very natural and not too fast at all. Impressive – great advertising for the site too! Oh and I am in Australia and had no probs viewing it!


What a great clip! You’re a natural for television. I really liked it. Congratulations!


I was so excited about this interview especially because it was green. You seemed so calm and collected! Great Job!
I’m so happy for you!


yay grace!

you’re a superstar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

you’re poise + delivery are perfect!

more, more, more!


I thought it was a perfect delivery and very informational- not only did you show great products but educating people on what’s recyclable, sustainable, and organic is a message that needs to be delivered and who better to do it so eloquently. It was lovely. Congratulations!


YAY GRACE! like the other bajillion comments on here i wanted to say you did super. articulate, informative, and cute as a bug’s ear!


Great job enlightening the viewers about how things are made. Just think that candle wicks are sometimes made of led.

Well done.

Kit Samford

Grace…You were professional, natural, well spoken, enthusiastic, and attractive. What more could anyone hope for. You are one TALENTED young woman!


Grace, you were fantastic! So natural and relaxed in front of the camera–and you showcased some great products. Congratulations!