diy wednesdays: potholder project

vintage potholder

as you might have guessed, our apartment is quickly becoming somewhat of a diy wednesday showroom. it’s been so fun filling our home with our little crafty projects, but one room that we’ve unintentionally neglected has been the kitchen. so we were really excited when we stumbled upon some vintage fabric in the craft bin perfect for making a set of pot holders to brighten up the kitchen. click here for the full post or click “read more” below”

happy crafting!
derek & lauren

vintage fabric potholders

here’s what you’ll need:
-two 8″ squares of thick fabric, such as canvas or bark cloth. (no flammable synthetics!)
-8″ square piece of cotton batting (which you can double for extra thickness)
-36″ piece of extra-wide double fold seam binding
-matching thread
-steam iron
-sewing machine

1. cut out fabric and batting, and sandwich them together with the batting in the middle.
2. pin your seam binding around the raw edges of the fabric, easing the corners into shape with the steam iron (this takes a little patience, but the corners will eventually lie flat when pressed.) the tail end of the seam binding will be 4″ longer than the perimeter of the potholder.
3. stitch around the potholder close to the edge of the seam binding, making sure to catch the bottom layer. stitch all the way up the tail.
4. fold under the raw edge of the tail end of the seam binding 1/2″ and press. fold the tail down to create a loop. pin and stitch into place.

the ingredients

the ingredients

pinning in place

step 2: pinning in place

finished potholders

finished potholders!


How Fresh! Makes me want to dig through my stash… as soon as my sewing machine gets back from the sewing machine Dr.


These canvas holders are great. I made a set of iron trivets once. They were cool and the customer was happy, but they were heavy and high maintenance.

I can see myself making larger matching versions to accommodate large hot dishes for the dining table.


What lovely fabric and sewing! I might have a try this weekend at my own version :-)