diy project: jennifer’s red lattice entryway

today’s first diy project belongs to jennifer of fric and frac shop. jennifer entered this fun entryway project in the 2008 diy contest and was kind enough to send in her project instructions. if you live in a home or apartment where you’re allowed to paint this is a great way to add some visual interest to your home. it’s also a great alternative to patterned wallpaper if gluing isn’t your thing. jen used a bright red for high contrast but i think it would look equally lovely in shades of the same color for a softer look. want to try this in your home? click here for jennifer’s full instructions or just click “read more” below. enjoy!

Jennifer’s Red Lattice Entryway

What You’ll Need:

-1 1/2 inch Painter’s Tape
-Paint Brush or Small Roller

1. Begin with a clean white wall. With a Ruler, decide how far you want the lines to be and mark where you want the tape to start on the right side of the wall. (I started each new line 11 inches apart._

2. Then begin taping the wall. Each piece of tape goes on the diagonal, parallel to the tape line that precedes. Once I decided where to start the tape on the right side I let the tape do the leading. The tape will fall in the right place as you go around corners if you keep it flat on the wall. Then do the same thing on the left and you will begin to form the lattice pattern.

3. Once all of the tape is on the wall, go over the edges of the tape and make sure there are no gaps on the edges of the tape or the paint will seep through. You can do this with your fingers or a bone folder. This will make sure you have sharp edges when you paint.

4. Then begin painting the insides of the diamonds with the paint color of your choice. I used Ralph Lauren’s Lattice Red. I did about three coats of the red paint to be sure the color was very opaque. Once you feel confident the color is the way you would like it, carefully remove the tape from the wall. It is best to remove the tape while the paint is still damp or the tape will remove the paint with it while it comes off. *A good painter’s trick is to use an exacto knife and cut along the edges of the tape first to make sure the paint won’t stick to the tape when you pull it up*

Have fun! – Jennifer


That looks amazing! I’m left wanting more – perhaps she’s a candidate for a sneak peek?


Jennifer- I love your project, and your entryway looks great! I also love your Owl umbrella stand/vase…can you tell us where you got it??

jill mccleary

I love the tulips and the beautiful pile of tangerines with the red walls. Also, thanks for the great biz ladies notes!


I love this! I might DIY a feature wall in my den using this techniue, rather than splash out on the expensive wallpaper I had been thinking of. Thanks so much Jennifer!


What is a “bone folder”? I had a lot of paint issues with paint getting under the tape when I painted my walls this month.


Please, please , please do a sneak peek! What a gorgeous, happy, colorful entry.


you can find a “bone folder” in art stores, or stationary stores, you use it to make perfect, clean, crisp creases on paper, some are made out of actual bone, and others out of plastic, it basically just looks like a flat stick with a tapered end, but they’re great, and helpful.
hope this helps!

DC Dabbler

Was focussed in on the second picture and thought you were going to say it was made from red post-it notes.


I’m not an expert on painting or anything like that at all, but for people who live in the South (or the North, for that matter), you should consider talking to the paint store people about the nature of the project and getting their advice about humidity. Paint tends to chip quickly in dry air, but it can pull and smudge more in that Southern humidity! When I did a custom tape/paint job, I had more success in dry days than humid ones.

melissa lewis

Great work on the lattice Jennifer. You did a fantastic job. Taping like this requires a lot of patience and attention, well done:)


Thanks so much for the positive feedback! I am glad many of you liked my entryway, it was a labor of love. To answer Angela’s question, I found the owl umbrella stand at a flea market in Wisconsin a few years ago. You are in luck though, the current issue of O at Home features umbrella stands and Two’s Company is now doing reproductions of the same owl umbrella stand. It was kind of a bummer for me, because I thought my owl was one of my best flea market finds, but good news for you!


Love the pattern…very Kelly Wearstler “Trellis” wallpaper, only about $5,000 cheaper!

Angela, at the risk of sounding somewhat “sales-y,” I have a retail store in Seattle and we carry the owl umbrella stand you inquired about. If you’re interested in ordering or getting more info, contact us through our Web site: Thanks!


SUPER awesome looking! I don’t think I have the cajones to actually do that in my house, but I really love the look of it.


Jennifer & Leah- Thanks for the info on the umbrella stand!


okay- I’m smitten – I’m starting this project next weekend in my bathroom- except in white and blue. If anyone has suggestions or further helpful hints- I’m all ears- Additionally, I will need to go around a doorway and medicine cabinets- so any tricks to keeping the lines straight would be great!- thanks for the inspiration.


This is just WONDERFUL, it is sooo beautiful! I also liked Ath’s comment.

Great stuff!