diy idea: jenny’s medicine cabinet of curiosities

we’ve got three diy projects coming up today but before i hop on a plane back to brooklyn (thanks to everyone who came out for the LA biz ladies meetup!), i wanted to share this great diy idea submitted by jennifer in toronto. jennifer found this vintage medicine cabinet on the side of the street in a pile that was part of an apartment-clearing. she explained, “it was painted a wonderful color but the paint traveled all the way onto the old mirror which was peeling off on the back. although it has a few nicks & the paint is chipping in places, i decided not to repaint it to keep that vintage feel. i cleaned it, removed the glass & mirror peelings, and filled it with a few of my favorite small art pieces & toys.” after spending last weekend at the brooklyn flea, i’m inspired to pick up an old cabinet and use this idea to display some of my favorite knick-knacks in a more cohesive way. thanks to jennifer for sharing!


What a great idea. As a kid, I had a thing that was cross between a sort of dollshouse and a shelf for displaying all the intersting little trinkets I found on my travels. I’d love to have one again, and it could be the perfect use for an old cabinet!


GREAT IDEA! I always see them at fleamarkets…now I have a reason to pick one up.

emily abigail

I love this idea so much! I have so many little knickknacks strewn about my apartment. It might be a nice idea & visually pleasant to do this.

the gutless wonder

I love this! Very clever– particularly the name.