before and after: susannah’s record cabinet

this quick-fix before & after makeover comes from d*s reader and diy contest finalist, susannah becket (her diy project instructions are coming next week). susannah explains, “i found this sad little door-less, divider-less MCM record cabinet at my favorite thrift store. i refinished the exterior, stained the interior and made doors and interior dividers using plywood and fabric. not bad for a day’s work, if i do say so myself!” not bad at all. thanks for sharing susannah!

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wow! what a fantastic job! she should be a d*s correspondent…


oh my gosh, that plant stand/pot is sooo cute. any idea where it came from??


Just wondering where the planter next to the cabinet came from? :) anyone?


The more I see of this girl, the more I like what she comes up with! She has a good sense of design, and she knows how to stretch a dollar in a creative and attractive way. She’d be great on “Design on a Dime.”


I bought the planter at an antique store in San Francisco, but you can buy a new bullet planter by googling “bullet planter” or by keeping your eye on d*s’s advertisers (where I just know I’ve seen them).

Just putting the finishing touches on my Design on a Dime application, Joan (aka Mom) … :)


We had something like this with a record player built into it when I was a kid I loooooooved it.


mom or not, i think joan is right – you’d be great on ‘design on a dime’


Susannah, I was wondering where you got that fabric. I’ve seen it in Los Angeles for $30 a yard, and was hoping I could find a better price. Thank you.


Marcela, this project probably used about a half yard. You can often find remnants that are marked down, either in fabric stores or at those huge outlets. Outlets or even retail stores sometimes issue coupons for up to half off one cut of fabric. Try the LA downtown fashion district if you need lots of fabric cheap–9th & Maple? Otherwise, if you only need a fraction of a yard, or even a couple of yards, it’s often best to bite the bullet and get what you really like and want rather than spending lots of time and $ on gas while looking for a better deal.