before and after: natalie’s lamp

today’s second before and after is a great example of what a little paint and fabric can do. natalie hansen of steamed artichoke studio sent in this great lamp makeover project that cost her only $12! she found the lamp base and lampshade at a thrift store in san francisco and then spray-painted the base and wire with high-gloss white paint and covered the lampshade with amy butler fabric and ribbon from peapod fabrics. all it was required was paint, a hot glue gun, spray mount and a little elbow grease. thanks to natalie for sharing!

[have a before and after furniture or home makeover you’d like to share? just shoot me an email with your photos right here.]

erin lang norris

It looks great! I am going on a quest today or tomorrow to find a lamp from the thrift store…maybe even 2 lamps. I can’t wait to make them “new” again!


Wow, love it! I have a great thrift store lamp that I have been planning to paint over, and I have been looking for a new shade for it forever…Did it ever occur to me to re-cover in new fabric? Boy, do I feel dumb.


I am in love with that lamp.

I see things like this and get so excited, but then the thrift stores near me all have over-priced, uncool things. I’m going to have to drive out further I guess.

Curly Girl Glass

So she just put the fabric right over the old shade? I would have thought it would have made it too dark, but it doesn’t look like it. Cool.


i’ve been wanting to a similar thing with one my lamp shades, and am not sure how to best attach the fabric so it’s not too wonky. any tips?


I love it. I totally would have turned my nose up at the before lamp if I saw it somewhere…but it’s awesome after!


Don’t forget to check the cords when you purchase a vintage lamp. If you recognize the plug or cord as being old or see any frays in the wiring, replace the cord and bulb socket.

It is a very easy and cheap DIY.,,DIY_13803_2271399,00.html

Those are the directions I used to rewire two 1950s lamps I found on ebay. I got the parts at my local hardware shop for about $12 (for both lamps).

Aunt Elyse

Such talent…….dare I say it runs in both sides of the family!! I just wish you were closer so we could do some of these projects together!
Love ya!