before and after: caroline’s chair

there are two more before and afters coming up today at 12:30 and 1 but i wanted to kick things off with this fantastic $13 makeover. designer caroline smalley of push the envelope design is a self-described thrift shop-a-holic. she found this rather in-need chair at a thrift store for $13 and after giving it a little polish and a fabric makeover she had a brand new chair on her hands. click here to check out more of caroline’s work.

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The link to check out more of her lovely work isn’t showing up!

Even so, I’m thoroughly impressed – fantastic transformation!


Caroline, did you re-upholster that chair yourself? How did you do it?


Yup, I did do it myself. Since it was my first time attempting re-upholstery I figured if I totally failed it was only $13 spent… I just went at it with a glue gun & staple gun. Voila!


Re-upholstery isn’t that tough once you get the right tools (like the right length staples for your gun, so they don’t stick out) and dissect your chair to use as a pattern. You simply find the peice to remove first and carelfully remove all the old fabric. And take plenty of pictures so you can put it back together properly. This lovely chair has pretty clean lines so that’s a good first project. Rolled arms and tufting gets trickier.


love the chair, and LOVE your designs at!


WOW Caroline! Love this! Your designs and creations are always lovely- keep it up! xx