before and after: benita’s wardrobe

unhappy with her traditional wardrobe, benita larsson decided to take matters into her own hands. after deciding that she would paint her wardrobe, she chose a plain orange paint. after she finished painting she decided it was a bit too dark so decided to add the trellis pattern. using painters tape to mark off her pattern she added the bright white pattern on top to add some lightness to the space. i love the results and they remind me of last week’s lattice/trellis diy project that i’ve been dying to try on something in our home. [thanks, benita!]



Beautiful and so NOW but….how long did that take? I cannot imagine doing all that taping. Is their an easier way?


I was going to wallpaper the sliding doors at first but couldn’t decide on a wallpaper so I went for the paint instead. But there are some really nice trellis/lattice wallpapers around over in the US so that would definitly be a simpler option!


Unrelated – love the purse…where did you find the beauty?

Also, I love the basket as your laundry basket in the closet. Fabulous job on the door!


I found the bag in China… In Canton/Guangzhou. It was about 5 dollars… I’ve got a cream one too. Sorry :)


Beautiful! I give you a LOT of credit for having the patience to lay this out in tape, and so cleanly too!