things i’m loving: wednesday morning edition

my desktop wish list is all over the place this week, ranging from earthy wooden pieces to boldly painted moroccan style tables. i blame the weird smell that’s in our apartment right now. i’ve checked every darn inch of the house but can’t find the culprit. i’m convinced a tiny mouse (which i hope isn’t actually true) has died somewhere in the wall and i’ll never be ever to shake the creepy smell. so i’m blaming the smell for my frazzled sense of style this week. hopefully next week my selections will be a bit more together. in the meantime, here are some of my desktop wish-list favorites from this week and last.

[image above, clockwise from top left: apple green bar cart $650, missoni ‘jody’ towels $20-$118, cast iron wave bowl $62, green gold claw earrings by lauren wolf, almidi end table $625, funghi lamps $560+, steelwood chair $530, wood jewel cluster ring $110, riki desk clock $120, brickhouse soap $9]

[image above, left to right: warhol ‘basket of flowers’ framed print $200, staach stool $130-$210, red crocheted computer sleeve $96, almidi star table $1625]

[image above, clockwise from top left: double walled bottle $99, crystal napkin ring $60, glass segment necklace by vera wang $975, vintage mirrored table at pieces inc, eames house bird for vitra $195, set of 10 low trunk tables $1750, panama shopper $76 (via oh joy), garland table lamp $165, driftwood lamp at pieces inc, nautilus ring by lauren wolf]

Lisa Rivas

Wonderful things you have here Grace!
I love the Almidi Star Table, will need to watch my knees with this one.
And the Tord Boontje table lamp just exquisite, might have to get that one.
Thanks for the “Great Picks”!

Laura Sitkin

Ugh, that happened to me in the office. I mouse died in the wall and it took about 2 weeks for the smell to clear (they dry out, I guess?). That said, nice finds! I especially like the mirrored table.


It’s “the Death Smell!” It makes its ghostly appearance in our house from time to time, in all seasons. We have checked everywhere for dead animals. Nope. We’ve decided it might be pooled moisture with rotting particles in it in the HVAC system, or from the drainage tray under the fridge, if you have an older fridge.


Bust out the baking soda, Grace. I know there are professionals you could hire to do a more thorough check for animals– but I would only resort to such a costly thing if it was unlivable.

I’m seeing lots of things from the new MOMA design catalogue here… I’m surprised to not see the Carrie Bicycle Basket . Maybe you could incorporate it in your next environmentally-friendly guide?


I love the wood grain cluster ring! I’m loving wood grain right now and just did a write up about it on my blog!


I really like the cast iron wave bowl…, mainly because cast iron is made to endure.

I REALLY hate the low trunk tables because, as a furniture maker, furniture made out of firewood chunks with a piece of leather(?) glued to the top represents the height of laziness and complete lack of imagination. Not for making them (i used firewood from my dad’s pile for lots of stuff when I was a kid,) but for marketing and selling them. What a rip off! I wouldn’t pay more than $.50 each (the cost of firewood) + the cost of leather.

Sorry to be so disagreeable!


Fantastic picks Grace! Love the Funghi lamps in particular, shame about the hefty price tag.. still they are fun to droll over! Some day..*sigh : )