Something’s Hiding In Here

by Grace Bonney

Introducing Shauna Alterio & Stephen Loidolt of Something’s Hiding In Here


Oh my oh my oh my my my… While there’s a certain femininity to the DIY wunderduo’s flat, you just can’t escape the notion that there’s quite a deliberate helping of machismo as well. A pastel color pastiche is offset by the presence of seemingly endless light-grade wooden construction/renovation. A lad and lady live here, for sure, and both wickedly smart, of good humor and above all else, supremely creative artist-individuals too.

But what else would you expect from a pair that makes hand-carved mustaches, 3-pack plastic wishbone gift sets and paint-by-number state wall art via their Etsy shop? Yes, I said all those things. Mustaches, even. But don’t leave yet! There’s more here still… The lovely puppy pic and bolster logs are quite the hit for me and you, I’m sure. But doesn’t it just kill you to know this is their bathroom? And with a faux-finished handmade cubby wall too??! *Swoon* Even the animal figures (of which lately I’m rather tired) somehow gain new life in the DIY headboard of a vintage wallpaper reverie. How very neat.

Truth be told, the geranium lamb planters, hobbled Queen Anne’s and thrift-store framed children’s books somehow each manage a quiet sensibility here that would otherwise prove fatal in a less-curated home. That’s design charisma, folks and these kids have it in excess.

While I could elaborate on the many dances in which their studio decor takes part, I’m afraid my time is up, dear reader. Please take it upon yourself to visit the many addresses of Something’s Hiding In Here at Flickr, Typepad or Etsy and find something for your space and of your very own…

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  • I love the wood cutout of Pennsylvania! I’m originally from good old PA and would love to know the source! Beautiful home, by the way!

  • A woodsy loft! Very cool. I love the faux bois wall in the bathroom–is that wallpaper? And the cut-out of the Pennsylvania map is, well, stirring.


  • I have been in search of a table JUST like this for quite some time now. I have no problem with the idea of repainting/finishing one, if i can find one with the right shape. Any tips on where to look? Or what this style is called?

  • Whoa! I make log pillows very similar to the ones in your fireplace, where are yours from! I’ve seen a few other people making them lately…what’s that they say about great minds?

  • I caught a glimpse of this stunning space on Flickr recently…so jealous!

    Oh, and they do make the PA cutouts–they’re for sale in their Etsy shop!