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sneak peek: studiobon

by Grace Bonney

last week i was thrilled to introduce designer bonnee sharp‘s new collection of textiles, studiobon. this week i’m even more thrilled to share a sneak peek into the incredible home she shares with her husband and daughter. based in dallas, bonnee has created a home filled with beautiful textiles, comfortable nooks and plenty of beautiful patterns and color. normally we share two sneak peeks on monday but i was so crazy about bonnee’s home that i decide to focus just on her house today. i hope you’ll enjoy today’s sneak peek into the lovely home of designer bonnee sharp of studiobon. you can find more on her work right here , read her own words below or click here for full-sized (and extra!) images of bonnee’s home. the photos of bonnee’s beautiful home continue after the jump so click here for the full post or just click “read more” below. [thanks, bonnee!]

[image above: The cabinets in the living room provide such wonderful built-in display space. I have enjoyed the contrast of white pieces against the deep burnt orange back wall. The hide rug was purchased from a fabric warehouse, Childress, in downtown Dallas]

[top image, above text: I love the soft filtered light in our guest bedroom. I refreshed the wicker loveseat, inherited from my grandmother, with white paint, a custom cushion cover and pillows in my ‘RicRac’ fabric. The desk chair I found discarded in my old apt. complex and is a turn-of- the century bentwood Thonet contemporary. The lime green cubes are from IKEA. The bedding was a wedding gift. The headboard fabric, ‘popover’, was one of the first big jobs I printed and sold for a bedroom at the penthouse of the W hotel. I printed extra yardage for my own home, had a tall custom headboard made, and framed a photograph I took of a sourgum tree next to the bed.]

[image above, left to right: The side table in the living room is one of my favorites. I adore it’s sleek simple form and it’s contrasting wooden top and steel frame. The Japanese fish dish was a wedding gift to my parents. The stools are an unmatched mid-century pair, bought separately, recovered in my ‘fuzz’ pattern in black. Right: This pair of bamboo chairs was also my Gran Bonnee’s. I am mad for the curly pretzel arms and back. They remind me of the lines of Barbara Barry’s collection. The photos were taken on a trip we took to Cabo for my husband’s birthday. The side table is a Chinese garden stool.]

[image above: Our grey A-shaped wooden house sits amongst a sea of brick tudors. It was dilapidated when we found it, but had beautiful bones and atypically large rooms. We refinished the pale wide pine plank floors with an ebony stain and painted the once green trim white. The pendant is by Le Klint, the table and chairs are Ikea, and the shade and window seat cushion were custom made from my ‘fuzz’ pattern. The spiky aloe is the result of my husband’s green thumb.]

[image above, left to right: I’m a huge fan of this fabulous sunset orange. I’ve used it as an accent throughout the first floor. (I welcome the return of this rusty hue from the recesses of the 70’s color archives!) The 3 red bowls are Tikal Ceramica picked up on a trip to Buenos Aires. The red painted porcelain with the pewter rim is one of a pair which belonged to my paternal grandmother and was hand-painted in Japan. The hobnail glass pieces were collected on Saturday morning sojourns when I lived in NYC. The tureen was my great grandmother’s. The top shelf holds a group of English stoneware food and medicine jars I bought at the Portobello Road Flea Market on a business trip to London. Right: This little step-down side room was once an open porch of our 1924 farmhouse. The previous owner closed it in. I laid Flor tiles, added the teak buffet, purchased a pair of brass lamps from Arteriors Home, and made curtains from my ‘oodles’ pattern.]

[image above: Like much of the woodwork in the house, the kitchen cabinetry was originally green. White has both modernized and freshened up much of our home. I found the tole chandelier at a fabulous furniture resale shop in Dallas called Again and Again. I had it repainted white, and David, who’s been there for ages, delivered and installed it. The combination of old and new all-white china offers a nice place to rest your eyes. Repetition, but no color. It never looks messy. The knobs are pewter and remind me of an old English country kitchen.]

[image above, left to right: I love this room. The most important ‘piece’ in the house lives here! My 1 year old daughter’s crib is from a great baby store called Baby Bliss, and is by NurseryWorks. The 3 framed animals are by an Argentinian clothing designer and are actually hand-stitched notecards…all I could afford in her fabulous boutique! I love the whimsy of the Urban Outfitter chandelier. The curtains are my ‘waves’ pattern and the bedding is ‘hip hop’. Both were designed for my daughter’s nest. Right: This room was a guest bedroom when we bought the house. The walls were adorned with red and green stenciled flowers, and the wood trim was forest green. The squishy shaggy pouf is from World Market, the bookshelf bench is from IKEA, the blocks from BabyBliss, by DwellBaby, the cushion and pillows were made for the room in patterns ‘waves’ and ‘hip hop’. The sweet baby girl was custom made by me]

[image above: I bought this mid-century teak dining table and leather-covered chairs at an estate sale in Austin for a song. It is still awaiting refinishing. The original owner was in the airforce in WW2 and bought the set in Denmark. The sideboard was my grandparents as was the Morrocan inspired mirror. The pendant is by Le Klint.]

[image above, left to right: The two framed painted collages are by a fabulous New York artist, Ralph Turturro. I have purchased his work on many occasions. His work has such non-chalant chaos, murky palletes and dreamlike scribbles I’m drawn to it again and again. He is often stationed along West Broadway south of Houston Street, in Soho, on Saturdays and Sundays. Our master bedroom feels like a treehouse. The whitewashed slatted ceiling follows the steap pitch of the roof. The ceramic circles lamp is one of my favorite finds. I scored a pair at an antique mall, and added new linen shades. The curtains are made from my ‘wired’ pattern. The chair and stool were my grandparent’s. I had both lacquered black and covered in ‘ellen’, a pattern named for my sister, which pulled the disparate styles together]

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  • Beautiful home! I have the exact same black and white dining room chairs, but alas, the rest of my dining room doesn’t look quite as gorgeous. I’m also dying for the chandelier in the kitchen…

  • Very beautiful! Absolutely love the kitchen and am inspired to consider moving our stove (our kitchen is similarly shaped, but the stove is sitting on the wall by itself.) Curious if we could know the color on the baby’s walls (she looks so cute by the way… very petite!)

  • This is my absolute favorite sneak peak ever!!! So much of this could translate into my own life. Thanks so much for sharing!

  • tiffany

    i’m with you. i have a new favorite every week but this one really clicks with the way i think about decorating right now ;)


  • Oooh, this is beautiful. What a gorgeous home!!

    …I was seriously taken with Bonnee’s textiles last week, and this is just the most perfect extension of her style, and a wonderful backdrop for her work too.

    Lovely! xo

  • My jaw has still not closed shut after looking at these pics. You’ve used all my favoure colours throughout. I’m just ga ga over it.

  • bonnee’s color palettes are crazy beautiful.

    i may have to steal the one in that guest bedroom.

  • oh my lord, this is my dream house! i can’t stop looking at the guest bedroom. i also love the textiles used in the pics of the master bedroom!

  • also, where are those tables from, in the formal living room? i love the shape of them!

  • Thank you for all of your extremely generous responses! The master bedroom paint is Silver Sage, by Restoration Hardware, the guest bedroom is Flax, also by RH, I believe. The dining room is Intellectual Grey my Benjamin Moore…I believe that’s the maker!

  • Wonderful – I’m going to be book-marking this sneak peek. I was wondering what the Ikea dining chairs are called as I can’t find them on the site?


  • I just finished looking at my dear friend, Bonnee’s, gorgeous home. I am so proud of her and impressed by her talent. She is so well-deserving of this press, and I extremely happy she’s getting her opportunity to show off her work.

  • Love the interior. I’m dying to know the paint color of the bedroom and the wall with the white bamboo chairs with orange upholstered cushions. Please tell!

  • Wow I am so excited to see this sneak peak! It *think* its my favourite one yet, and I love how I went “ikea? really?” cause I haven’t quite been able to achieve that yet. It’s always nice to see designers include affordable, accessible furniture in with their vintage, one of a kind, or overly priced pieces!
    Thanks Grace! You are great and making those connections and sharing them with us!


  • And of course, my favourite part of this interview:

    “The sweet baby girl was custom made by me”

    Don’t you just want to be friends with Bonnee?

  • I look at this and I feel comforted-it is my vision of the perfect home. BRAVO! I think your textiles are stunning and as soon as I pick up an antique chair from my grandmother I will be deciding which to reupholster in! Would you be so kind as to share the name of the burnt orange color painted in your bookcases? I’m planning on moving to a new pad this summer and am SMITTEN by that color and want to use it!!! THANKS!

  • lovely home especially the kitchen and the chandelier right up design sponge’s alley!

  • My heart absolutely stopped for a second looking at this home. I adore it. It connects on some level that is not entirely understandable. It is GORGEOUS!

  • Beautiful, Bonnee. I remember us talking some years ago about your dream to design fabrics. You’ve made it!
    I can’t wait to try some of these ideas. Pam T.

  • Bonnee – You home is full of your personal style and it is so neat that you have shared it for all to see. Kudos.


  • Definitely my favorite sneak peak thus far. SUCH delightful color combinations- I’m especially fond of the gray and green, and brown, white and burnt orange in the first two pictures. Sigh. How lovely…

  • I love all of the colors in your house and all of the modern (but totally approachable) shapes. To me, this is the perfect balance between contemporary and homey. So much character. You feel it right away. Thanks so much for sharing your home. It’s an inspiration! -N

  • I am sure Grace loves that Kitchen chandelier!

    This is the most amazing house and sneak peek ever!

    Grace, thanks so much for sharing, and Bonnee, you are amazing!!!

  • Ditto what Sian. Love those dining room chairs! I see similar, but not the same. What are they called? Are the cushions after market? Thanks!

  • the chairs in the fourth photo that are from ikea…can anyone point me to them? all i see are NORDMYRA which don’t have the upholstery and don’t look quite the same in the backrest. are they discontinued?

  • Such a stylish home! I love the little pops of orange everywhere and the baby’s nursery is adorable! And thanks for introducing me to Studiobon… I LOVE!

  • What about the outside of the home? That’s what I asked myself… great landscaping? Nice yard? Yes, this is definitely a dream home. And alack and alas, one I’ll never be forunate enough to live in!

  • What a wonderfully refreshing photo to grace your front page! I was referred to this site by a friend and have been practically salivating over the gorgeous designs splashed all over the place. I really need to update my home and I will be coming back here often for new inspiration.

  • I’m wondering about those dining chairs too…Did you alter them? I’d love to know if they’re still available at Ikea…I’m not recognizing them on the site. : Thanks Grace! Your home is beatiful, definetly reflects your talent.

  • LOVE IT! LOVE IT! LOVE IT! The small bursts of color are gorgeous; the orange behind the shelves, the green cubes at the foot of the bed, and the clean white look of the kitchen…lovely. The best sneak peak yet! Thanks for sharing.

  • i too am really curious about the white/black chairs from ikea. is that from a few seasons ago? i love them.

  • Gorgeous home – thank you for sharing! What type of curtain rods are you using throughout your home? They’re the perfect size and weight … I’m trying to find the same thing.

  • This sneak peak is so inspiring!!! Please do tell us how to find the black/white IKEA chairs. They have great lines.

  • I believe the Ikea chairs were discontinued. We tried to buy 2 more a year after we purchased them (2006) and couldn’t find them ourselves. Hmmmm. I wish I remembered what they were called. I apologize!

  • I have to agree, this is the best sneak peek yet. The living room coffee table? Made? Found?

  • I would love to know where you found the rug in the study lounge…..I believe it is brown with blue hexagons? THANKS.

  • wow! beautiful interiors!! I love the way she mixed vintage with a bit of glamour with a comfortablness that is so welcoming!

    I LOVE both styles and have been struggling to decide which to stick with…

    Bonee did a beautiful job! beautiful!

  • I am in awe of Bonnee’s talent at design, eye for beautiful fabrics and warm, fresh colors, and with her amazing presentation! Thank you for sharing this!

  • I love the kitchen with the stainless accessories and great chandelier. I bet Bonnee is an incredible chef.

  • bonnie….your sweet warmth and artistic talent shine throughout your wonderful home. i am delighted to see the bamboo chandelier which was repurposed for your kitchen…! and thanks for the mention of david…

  • I agree with Gail about the rug(s).. not only that, I wouldn’t have repeated that particular piece in several rooms. Everything else is quite fitting though.

  • deep orange is my absolute favorite color– what is the brand and name of the shade used in the built-in’s interior? i’m renovating and looking for color ideas. thanks!