sneak peek: elena coleman

today’s first sneak peek (the second to follow at 1pm today) belongs to los angeles architect elena coleman. her downtown apartment is part of the douglas building which was build in honor or t.d. stimson (a lumber baron turned real estate mogul) features original wood flooring from the 1800s. elena’s clean, open, minimalist space inspires me to open up a bit today and clean things out. it’s never too early to de-clutter and spring clean. it’s also never too early to try to find an apartment with windows like these. i’m majorly in love with her bedroom windows- the metal work around them is so cool. you can view larger (and extra) versions of elena’s photos right here or just click “read more” below to view the full selection of home photos. thanks to elena for sharing and congrats to elena and her business partner elizabeth kountzman on the launch of their new design firm and furniture collection, dilettante.

[all photography courtesy of roberto paz]









Can you pleeeaaase tell me where that dining table is from? How many inches long it is? if that’s asking for too much i will simply take the “where is it from” answer. THANK YOU! :)


I admit, I scatter this and that everywhere–my home is quite the overload of “stuff.” So, when I see the clean and simplistic rooms such as these, it kinda makes me want to just throw everything out. Well, not really, but I would like one nice simple room, perhaps. So nice to find your blog!


i love the book shelf in the last picture. inconspicuously tucked between a pillar and the supersized window molding, it peeks out somehow saying “i’m here! but you can’t see me!”

a bit of tasteful ‘clutter’ in an open sea of minimalism.


I am partial to the kitchen cabinets – a splash of color to liven up an airy, straight-lined space. They look a bit retro…


bravo! I love the simplicity. In a consumer driven society, it is nice to see interior decorating done in such a restrained and beautifully simple way. Each piece is well considered to create such a fresh, open environment. I want to live there!

Danielle De Pillis

Those kitchen cabinets are exactly what my husband and I want to do in our place. Any chance I could find out who makes them? Inspiring posting.
thank you.


Great apt! And LOVE the cool mirrors on their site.


Love, love those red cabinets! Where did the bed and nightstands come from?


Please do share…your apt is gorgeous – contemporary modern kitchen – I am printing photo of cabinets for our carpenter to build…


I love the black and white wall art
please share where you found it

Elena Coleman

thanks for all of your nice feedback!!

the dining table and couch are from room service in los angeles.
they custom make everything to size:

the coat rack was a great rusty thrift store find which I sanded and spray painted white.

the b&w wall art I actually painted using a wallpaper pattern I found online and a tracer projector

the kitchen is poggenpohl in spanish red. every loft in the douglas building came with a customizable poggenpohl kitchen!

the bed is from crate & barrel – not sure if they still make this one but they definitely still have some affordable platform beds

the nightstands are from west elm

thanks again!


curious about the photo over the bed. who did it?
great space!


yes ang, i too would like to know about the print over the bed, would like to see it on a bigger, closer scale. it looks like a pool setting…