in the kitchen with: lisa dejohn

ac and i have been pretty sick all week with some sort of killer cold/flu combo. and, unlike most people who are sick, i always end up eating loads of junk food when i’m out for the count. rather than good things like chicken soup i always end up wanting something like cool ranch doritos because the flavor is so strong i can actually taste it despite my stuffy nose. so after a week of not-so-good food i’m in the mood for something healthy and light. and thankfully today’s in the kitchen with is just what the doctor ordered.

based on the north shore of massachusetts, lisa dejohn is one of my favorite artists working in surface design and illustration. her work has been on my wishlist for years and i’m always thrilled to hear from her when she introduces new products like her notecards for teneues, stretched wall art and a soon to be released converse shoe design. but today lisa is sharing a fantastic recipe for a healthy, no-mayonnaise waldorf salad. and believe me, with spring around the corner and swimsuit season not so far in the distance, i could use something light and fresh. lisa’s recipe is 100% vegan and perfect for those of you demanding more veggie-friendly recipes. so, click here to check out lisa’s no-mayo waldorf salad (or just click “read more” below) and view some more of her lovely artwork. and click here to see a sneak peek of lisa’s home! [thanks, lisa!]

[stay tuned for the 2008 d*s scholarship announcement at 1!]

Lisa DeJohn‘s No Mayo Waldorf salad


4 apples (two tart and two sweet)
2 green onions
2 celery stalks
2 small handfuls of dried cranberries
2 small handfuls of toasted chopped walnuts
1/2 lemon
3T white balsamic vinegar
1/3 C walnut oil

1. Toast the walnuts in a 325 degree oven for 5-8 minutes, let them cool and them give them a rough chop. You can also toast them in a skillet on the stove top, but keep a close eye on them so they don’t burn :)

2. Chop and core your apples so they are roughly 1/2″ chunks or chop to your desired bite size.

3. Place your apples in a large bowl, squeeze lemon over the apples and toss until covered in juice.

4. Chop your celery and green onions, make sure to include the green tops. Then add the walnuts, dried cranberries, celery and onions to your apples.

5. Add the walnut oil and vinegar and toss until the salad is well coated in goodness.

6. Serve with a turkey sandwich, PB&J or eat just as a small snack.

I chose this recipe because it is such a healthy and refreshing salad. It is super easy to make, has great sweet and tart flavor and the walnut oil is the perfect substitute for the usual Mayonnaise. I made it to accompany our Christmas ham last year and I have been hooked on it since.


that is totally like me – weird — I ALWAYS reach for the doritos when I’m sick ha!


nice simple recipe, i’ll definitely try this. and i love the little peek we see of her home in the background. have we seen a sneak peek of her home before? also, great tea towel in the first pic!

Michelle @ Us vs. Food

i love all the waldorf flavors, but hate the mayo – this is perfect! and i’m totally addicted to nut oils lately.

i do the same thing when i’m sick – eat the most strongly flavored junk foods i can find. i’m partial to cool ranch doritos and snyders honey mustard and onion pretzel bits.

i wish that my kitchen and food photos looked half this charming!


Ohhh, that looks wonderful – perfect for spring. And I totally eat junk food when I’m sick – my Dad always eats pretzels & potato chips when he’s under the weather and I’ve totally picked up the habit though I tend to reach for Chex Mix!


i like the dog in the background taking sun on the arm of the sofa. he’s seen all this before.

melissa lewis

So sorry to hear you’ve been sick. The food above looks so yummy, I must go raid my kitchen. Though nothing in there would satisfy me like that sandwich.

Melissa DeJohn

Wish I had your decorating eye! I’ll be sure to try the recipe, my fianc√© will love it. :-)