etsy weddings: modern registry guide

part of me still can’t believe that i’m actually engaged! so when the etsy crew asked me to create a piece on modern registry sources and non-traditional (emphasis on handmade) registry ideas i jumped at the chance. i’ve written to so many brides over the years with ideas for gifts, registries and decorations i can’t tell you what a sheer thrill it is to finally write about the topic and be able to think of what i’d like for my own wedding. all i can say is that my stomach does about 15 flip flops and i break out in a huge beaming smile. everyone says that wedding planning is supposed to be stressful and awful but so far things have been fantastic and i hope this guide will help anyone else in the wedding planning boat think of some great options for modern registries and homegoods. click here to check it out. and click here to check out the full etsy handmade wedding series so far.

[image above: cake by lovin sullivan and birds by ann wood]


Wedding planning was such a joy for me. Your description of “15 flip flops” and “a huge beaming smile” is so perfect. Have a great time and congratulations!

mrs. french

Such a beautiful cake. I wish I could have another wedding…unfortunately I am quite attached to Mr. French.

Abbey Goes Design Scouting

I’m so excited for you — I loved wedding planning (there were stressful moments, but not too many) and mostly, I was just so happy (and it sounds like you are too)! I can’t wait to see how lovely you make yours. xo


At the end of the day, however, it is impractical to actually register for all of these places where you want two or three items…especially if your family is not very comfortable shopping online. So it all points back to BB&B where you can cash out and go buy what you want.


Thanks for this Grace! I’m just shy of 6 weeks from my own wedding — I share your flip flop feelings — and cannot wait for the big day — best wishes to you and AC!


Love your Etsy weddings info — thank you!

While you’re on the registry subject, I just had to put in a word for my favorite option, the Alternative Gift Registry. ( You can link to any item from any store (so it works for those “two or three things per store” that Craig mentioned), as well as request non-commercial items like day-of assistance or favorite family recipes. I can’t believe no one created something like it sooner! (Though maybe it took a nonprofit to step in, since most other registries are run by interested businesses in some way….)


I’m super pumped about all the wedding odds’Nends you’ve been posting. I’m getting married in July and while i love the planning i also need that extra boost of new stuff when things start to get stessful (and look the same!)


Cara | Sew Bettie

Great article! You could open a special etsy profile and list all the things that you want to register for in your favorites. Mark knows to pick out any presents for me from my Etsy favorite items.


hi grace!
im one of the brides you’ve written too. im so happy for you that you’re engaged! my wedding is in two months and i havent even registered yet!!! this is just what i needed. xo


wow, I wish this had been around when I was planning my wedding in September! I spent hours and hours on Etsy, (wait, I still do that!) What a great idea!

Ali Walsh |

Thanks, Grace, for your kind inclusion of us in your Etsy article. As you mentioned, we’re happy to accommodate any sort of gifting arrangement – be that a group purchase, a customized work of art, or even credit in our Etsy shop/studio for the bride and groom to use later. We happen to use ThisNext to create our wishlists (, but the next article in the Handmade Wedding series has many other great tips for creating custom online registries, especially from a wide range of shops and sellers. ..Ali Walsh,


How exciting! I know it is early for you but you have to check out bklynbride’s blog, it is perfect for you and then you can check out mine too, :), good luck it is so much fun!

Fred McFerran

I love seeing articles like this and the interest in alternative registries.

Where an engaged couple chooses to register is a statement to their friends and family about who they are and what they value. Young couples are growing increasingly dissatisfied with registering with the same stodgy retailers their parents used . Young couples are looking for a more rewarding experience, something different, a registry that reflects their personality.

You should check-out, which is a service that allows the modern couple to build a one of a kind registry, and let their friends and family know that they support artists, artisans and small businesses in their local community. Be great to see more people adding items from Etsy to their registries.