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diy wednesdays: the contact paper cure

by the curiosity shoppe

we’ve always got a stash of woodgrain contact paper laying around, because it’s endlessly useful for all sorts of decorative and crafty projects. we’ve covered everything from file cabinets to refrigerator doors to gift cards with it, and we’ve also lined the cupboards and drawers in our kitchen with the stuff. it’s super cheap and can be applied and removed on a whim without damaging your furniture. this week we decided to give our old ikea credenza a little face lift with some peel-and-stick stripes in two colors of woodgrain. it used to house our tv and media storage, but now that it’s doing dresser duty in the bedroom, we thought it could use a little diy pick-me-up. click here for the full instructions and more photos or just click “read more” below.

have fun!
derek & lauren

Here’s what you’ll need:

-various colors of wood grain contact paper (we used a dark walnut and a light colored oak)

1. Measure the fronts of your credenza or cabinet doors and using the 1″ grid printed on the back of your contact paper as a guide, cut out strips of varying thicknesses that are the same length as the doors.
2. Peel and stick the strips onto the doors.
3. Laugh at how easy it is to make something look way fancier than it is.

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  • That’s so ridiculously simple, but it looks great! Immediately going into my “ideas” folder. Thanks for sharing! :)

  • The endless way in which ikea furniture can be turned into something original are so inspiring. I remember seeing a site called ikea hacks or something that detailed more great tips like this – turn ikea into a sort of blank slate for your cheap and effective touchups.

  • grace,
    i’m dying for a sneak peek of derek and lauren’s apt. with all of these amazing diy projects, i would love to see more. thanks!

  • m

    i’m sure it gorgeous ;)

    they’re pretty swamped these days so i just let them know that if they decide to share their home we’d love to share it here. but sharing your home is pretty personal so i wouldn’t expect anyone to jump at the chance- it can be a little scary ;)


  • ikeahacker.blogspot.com is the name of that website. I like a lot of the ideas as well

  • AMAZING! I love that credenza from Ikea – I can’t believe they discontinued it!

  • simple, but so effective!
    what’s the little plant thingy on top of the dresser? I like it. I want one!

  • Same process for a fridge? How do you cut out spots for the handle? The refrigerator in my rental apartment is terrible looking and this is a great idea.

  • I love the alternating dark and light colors. Somehow it takes the basic rectangular shape and gives it lift. Very cool!

  • I am loving this – what a fantastic facelift idea! This credenza would now look great with some African wooden sculptures and a bright porcelain vessel on top for pop!

  • Brilliant…this could work well to hide any blemishes in a wood piece that has seen better days. love your diy projects, I have featured them on my blog. love ikea.

  • Are the strips cut perfectly square? They appear to slightly wave, but that could just be the wood grain tricking the eye.

  • more photos please! i love all the projects, but really wish there were more photos. this project aside…DIY projects are more fun to read & easier to make when you have more than just *one* picture (and a picture of just the finished product?).

  • wow….I have had no knobs on our mid-century modern bedroom suite for years….years…
    also, i have owned 2 rolls of fake woodgrain contact paper….for years….I only wish I’d had this chocolate in my peanut butter moment years ago….this is awesome!!

  • I was just browsing for contact paper to re-do my large speaker sides to match new tv stand and came across your site. Your credenza looks really fantastic! If I get my speaker frames done, I’ll let you know how they turn out!
    Again, just wanted to say I think your project was a great idea!

  • I’m curious, does Ikea still sell that Crendza? Does anyone have a link to it?

  • Great! I have a much smaller Ikea chest that doesn’t fit the vibe of the rest of my bedroom, this will do it!

  • I am thinking about putting contact paper on our kitchen cabinets in our (rented) home. I bet this would look SO cool!

  • Where have your old photos gone? Your old posts remain but NO PHOTOS….VERY DISAPPOINTING!!