coat rack roundup

i receive a few requests for product roundups every day and lately it’s been a unanimous call for coat racks and hooks. since ac and i both seem to have come down with a cold today i figured i’d spend my sick day compiling coat hanging options while i sip tea. i’ve tried to include a wide range of prices, styles and options- ranging from standing coat racks and wall racks to individual hooks. click here for the full guide (there are 5 more options below the fold) or just click “read more” below.

[image above, clockwise from top left: printer’s block coat rack $68, 2d:3d coat rack $89, dart coat hooks $39, twig coat rack $59.95, coat range $175, oak coat rack $349, black and white wall hook $18, stag coat hook $85, fran coat hooks (set of 2 for $3.99), eames hang it all $149, zanotta coat rack $938]

[image above, clockwise from top left: wire coat track $297, recycled bottle coat rack $75, coral hook $18, tree hooked coat hooks $75, c’mere hand hook $75, nouveau hook $18, hoodoo rack $119, set of 2 mr and mrs coat hooks $14.99, tree coat stand $699]

[image above, clockwise from top left: hanger wave from design house stockholm, metro coat rack $158, fertile garden coat rack $1230, contour coat track $109, root coat stand $259, xx coat rack $828, clothes tree $94, bridge wall hanger (blue) $38, ‘birds on a wire’ coat rack $180+, antler coat hanger $99, metal tree sculpture/abstract coat rack from pieces at 1st dibs, toda coat rack]

[image above, clockwise from top left: sprout coat tree $99.95, pegs coat rack $99.95, walnut coat rack $59.99, blossom hook rack $28, here hook $12, ceremonial fan hook $24]

[image above, clockwise from top left: wooden hooks from live wire timber $40-$50 each]

[image above, left to right: erich ginder ghost antler coat racks, $230 each]

[image above: ‘ivy’ wall unit for coats and scarves $65 at rare device]

[image above, left to right: minimula coat rack $290, rack deer park $120]


figures, I’m immediately drawn to the most expensive one you’ve posted…the fertile garden coat rack is great

has anyone used those ivy wall units? just wondering how functional they are…


Has anyone seen a coat hook that’s attached to a little oval mirror? I remember seeing this about 6 months ago somewhere, but I can’ t remember where…now that I want to get one of course.


I think the Antler hooks are a bit much. All of these in fact sort of are too loud for coat hooks, for my taste. I like them to be a bit subtler. But nice round-up, thanks!


Cute! I might use the anthropologie one for hanging necklaces. Mine are terribly disorganized.


I love coat racks, and the most beautiful one I’ve ever seen is the Ono coat rack. It looks like a piece of sculpture mounted on the wall. Ona’s gentle curves don’t distort the shape of any piece of clothing you might hang on it; in great contrast to most racks. It is a perfect example of form and function, beautifully executed. Design Within Reach used to carry it; I’m sorry they no longer do, but it is available from You can see it here:



I have been looking for a coat rack for so long. Thanks for this post…now I can add it to my wishlist for my apartment!!!


I contacted Toda as I went gaga over the Toda Coat rack! I thought it would also make a fabulous guest towel hanger. But I figured if I had to ask the price it was most likely going to be over my budget. They said that they are just about to go into production, instead of just doing them custom, and would be able to price them much less expensively [no amount mentioned] contact them mid-April for updates on that at: or go to the website as linked below the picture.


I saw a coat stand in a design shop in Lisbon three years ago, and I’de like to find it.
One is a handful of lances of colours held by a heavy rubber band.
I remember they told me it was from a belgian designer.
Does anybody know anything from it.
Thanks for your attention


Has anyone seen a natural wood or whitewashed towel rack for the bathroom? Just one or two strips of wood that attaches to the wall? I can only find chrome or yellow pine. Thanks!


This was a wonderful and enlightening experience with your coat racks. Thanks for compiling.


just found you on a random search for an immediate need–bought a coatrack based on your roundup. awesome. thank you!


has anyone seen the ghost antlers cheaper? I would like 3 of them for under $275. Please help! Weblinks please