today’s last post is a before/after of sorts, but done by a furniture makeover professional- molly worth of chairloom in pennsylvania. using a gorgeous 100% organic cotton coral anemone fabric from oliveira textiles, molly restored this victorian settee to perfection. it makes me want to kick my shoes off and have a glass of sweet tea on the porch. if only there weren’t snow in the back of the photo. you can see more of molly’s great furniture makeover work right here at chairloom. [thanks, molly!]



Sooooooo delicious! I am a sucker for contrast–especially new fabric on old shapes, or informal funk on traditional forms.


How difficult is it for someone to try to reupholster a piece of furniture like that? I have several that have been passed down to me, but I find that it is much to expensive to have it done professionally.


I walk by that settee every day on my way to work. I literally stopped this morning to stare at its beauty. Imagine my surprise to see it on your site!


Grace, how about doing something on how to reupholster so we mortals can assess whether we can stop drooling and actually do this?



i’ve posted links to reupholstery tutorials several times ;)

if you search for “reupholster” on d*s you’ll find the links in the comment sections and in several posts. i’d be happy to send you some links if those don’t work. just shoot me an email.


stanley shain

Dawn and Deb:

That settee is exquisite !
The furniture piece is a classic and so is the fabric equally luscious ! The article said it was organic cotton, but I am sure they were so taken by the look of the fabric on such a lovely mainstay of furniture design that the cloth could have been made from mashed potatoes. Their minds were rumbling and they forgot that you specialize in hemp. … hemp or ‘coonskins, what treat to see such elegance !
Hemp was the mainstay of America first industry… rope, sails, foods, oils, clothing …. and now you have brought it back to us.
Well done , ya’all !