before and after: whitney’s couch

i’ve been sifting through all 500 entries for the d*s diy contest (yikes!) and along the way some of the incredible entries have seemed better suited for a great before and after than a diy project. this beautiful couch makeover from artist whitney gaylord is a perfect example- she made a slipcover for this previously sad-looking hand-me-down camelback sofa and now she’s got a thoroughly cute couch on her hands. thanks to whitney for sharing!



This just amazes me. Do you need advanced skills to do that?


Beautiful! Love how the pattern on the base of the couch matches with the cushion.


I have a similar couch—does she tell how she made the slipcover? It is beautifully done!


The sad looking cat helps make her before picture even better!

Where is the happy kitty in the after photo!


gorgeous! i can’t believe that’s a slipcover. impeccable!


Thanks for the comments everyone! Slipcovers are super easy: try to use as few pieces as possible, drape the fabric over the sofa and draw the shapes of each piece (measuring often helps). Then cut them out and again drape them over the sofa inside-out. This time, pin all the pieces together, fitting it like you would to make a dress. For a sofa like this where the arms are wider than the back, I added a vertical zipper that goes down the middle of the back piece so it can be put on (and off for washing) easily.


WOW!!! That looks amazing! My husband and I are currently trying to do the same thing on a very similar shaped couch….does she say how she did it exactly? A pattern or tips??? That would be incredibly helpful for us!


i have a vintage sofa that i really want to reupholster – it’s very similar to this one – but am VERY scared to attempt it. if there were a tutorial on this i would LOVE YOU FOREVER!


Great before and after! Do you know the source for the fabric? Thanks for sharing!

jennifer in sf

How is that a slipcover?? It looks so great.


Very nice. I’d like to know how much time / experience / money this took to do.


Looks fantastic! I think I have the same couch. Is there anyway she could post a pattern or directions? I would love to this to mine!


I would also LOVE to know how much time/money/etc this took!!!! Also, what fabric is this?!



I love your before and after photos! The furniture looks completely transfomed. Thanks for the eye candy! :)
Emily @ Material Girls


The is hope for my dying college dorm furniture! What a great idea. Fabric choice is gorgeous.


This is just gorgeous but well beyond my skills imho. I’m glad to see someone succeed in doing this tho.


This project is really so easy- I have only self taught experience. It took several hours, but only 1 day. The fabric is from and was only $12 a yard, and I think I used about 7 yards. Its a great medium weight canvas- perfect for upholstery. good luck everyone!


agree that the process you used would be great to know in detail… i have a very similar couch in need of a slipcover but am not sure where to start…

Sarah Doyle

PLEASE share the directions with us! It would be such a great thing to be able to do. We all want a step by step tutorial!!!


This is really impressive — I am awed at how the cushion pattern and the slipcover pattern align EXACTLY … wow!! I would also love a how-to.


I’ve done some rehab work on a couple of pieces of furniture. This is really beautiful. Nice work

Debbie Garvey

I have the same couch and can’t find a slipcover for it. Do you sell these? I want to put the couch in my daughters room that is pink with white polka dots.


Looks great! I love the new fabric. Is there a name for this kind of print? I’ve been looking for something similar and can’t seem to come up with the words to describe it.


It looks like I have the exact same couch as you and it’s in desperate need of a slipcover! Any chance you have a pattern?


truly smashing…. question: is there welting on the slipcover? … am struggling with bolts of duck cloth and a dearth of talent…

thank you.