before and after: virginia’s telephone bench

a few months back i saw this fantastic mid-century telephone bench at a vintage store on atlantic avenue in brooklyn. the pricetag was pretty high and the condition of the bench was pretty dire so i decided to pass; but now that i’ve seen blogger and crafter virginia‘s telephone bench makeover i’m kicking myself for not seeing past the stains, scratches and old-age. virginia stripped and sanded her thrift store find and added two spray-painted layers of lovely lime green paint. she reupholstered the seat in a sukie tea towel and voila, instant upgrade. you can read more about virginia’s telephone bench project right here. thanks to virginia for sharing.


It’s always so amazing to me when people find such potential out of what looks like something worn and worried! Beautiful work!


I love this piece! it’s perfect for the 9 yr old to stash his stuff, for when he returns later, able to cop a squat and throw on his shoes, grab his stuff and run for the door! awesome piece – – I’ll now be on the hunt for one myself!


i loooove the colours, and especially how it works so well with that wall. That’s an amazing transformation.


I think it’s wonderful. Especially love the tea-towel seat cover with the paint; great combination.


That is FABULOUS!! My mom has a telephone bench that she’s saving for me. Can’t wait until I’m settled down so I can take it


wow. WOW! a ton of these go for sale on my local CL and i never bother to see their potential. this is awesome inspiration.


i use that lime green spray paint for EVERYTHING.

it’s like a dose of steroids for a tired… anything, really.


In my grandmother’s house there is a great telephine bench I grew up seeing everytime I would visit. As a chils I always loved to sit on it and pretend as if I was having the most glamorous and grownup telephone conversations! What a trip down memory lane! Now I have to find one for my own home!


brilliant idea! i am looking at the telephone benches in a whole new light now! i’d better start looking now – before they’re all taken!


Inspiring! I see quite a few of these at estate sales but people (including me) seem to pass them by. Will rethink it next time!

melissa lewis

oh, I am sooooooooooooooooo bumed. I saw a piece like this at a thrift store and didn’t get it. Now, I must go check and see if no one’s snatched it. I love this piece.

Too cute!


Thanks so much everyone! I’ll tell you we had that thing kicking around for 2 years at the cottage before it finally drove me crazy and I had to do something to make less atrocious! And seeing all the laquered/painted pieces on Design*Sponge was absolutely inspiring, I had to do my own take on it…..


i always thought of telephone benches as a bit old-timey.. certainly not anymore!!
it is so cute, like a little nook! :)

Brianna, 14

OMG.To Gorgeous. Me & my mom lovvveeess this telephone bench ! I’ve already got an antique dresser & writing desk, all i need is this!!!! Im DYING for this.Ha ha my mom is now lurking through thrift stores lately.Now i absolute adore antique things x3