before and after: evie’s serving tray

evie from things of beauty sent in this fantastic serving tray transformation. it’s rare that i look at a sad tray and think “i bet i could turn this into a great side table” but thankfully the world is full of people like evie who inspire me to open my eyes a little bit wider and see beauty where there may not be any yet. even more beautiful? evie detailed the full transformation right here on her site if you want to replicate the look or something similar. thanks to evie for sharing!

[have a before/after you’d like to share on d*s? just shoot me a line right here with your pictures]


Emily Norton

This is a great site, it’s so creative. I really like this serving tray too.
The Little Window Shoppe


This idea is really great….but what I really love are those white petal bowls…where on earth can I find those????


wowza. i have the ugliest serving tray in the world, & thank god i haven’t thrown it away. this is unbelievable

evie s.

Sarah – the bowls are most commonly called “lotus nesting bowls” and you can come up with a few options on etsy or google if you search.


Dude. I’m so doing this project.

What a charming tray! Thanks for sharing. :)