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bath mat roundup

by Grace Bonney

today’s first roundup is all about bathmats and bath rugs. whether you’re looking for something soft and feminine or simple and zen, there’s a wide range here to choose from. and no bath mat guide would be complete with a matching shower curtain guide so stay tuned for that next at 1pm. the selections continue well after the jump so click here for the full guide or just click “read more” below. [image above: organic animal print bath mats $29 each]

[image above, clockwise from top left: fresh cut bathmat $48, dots bath rug $24.99, isola bella bath rug $38+, abstract bath mat $38-$58, bamboo bathmat $12.95, yoyo bath rug $32+]

[image above, left to right: waterbury bath mat $69.99, vetiver bath mat $49+]

[image above: ryokan bathmat $58]

[image above, clockwise from top left: modern home link bath rug $19.99, bamboo bath mat $19.95, spot on rug bath rug $29.99, fern forest bathmat $38-$48, shadow leaves bath rug $29.99, tiddliwinks bath rug $19.99, safari bathmat $39.95]

[image above: manhole bathmat $39]

[image above: pb classic bath rug $28+]

[image above: black river stone mat $59+]

[image above, left to right: campbell bathmat $58, big dot bathmat $29, chenille shag bath rug $12]

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  • OH!

    I’m so in love with the fact that the first image of the ORGANIC bath mats that are only TWENTY-NINE DOLLARS.
    This is fantastic.

    I also adore the bamboo bathmat which is so much more hygienic, is made of a renewable resource and is chump change at only $13 bucks.

    Fabulous, Grace!

  • the problem with your blog is that I want to change everything in my house, you give us so many great ideas… :)
    continue, continue please !!

  • OMG. Grace…you are awesome! I’ve been surfing the web all morning looking for cool bathroom stuff for a client project and after 2 hours, I finally thought I’d search your archives for some inspiration. WahLah….. you’ve put everything together as if I magically asked you. I love you!! This is soooo perfect for my little project. Thanks for putting such a great list of options out there. Cool bathroom stuff is hard to find! -N

  • You saved the day! I have been looking for a new bath mat for the longest while…and I go through the usual sites but nothing caught my eye!! Now I have all these choices!

  • I use a 2×3 cotton rug from Angela Adams as a bathmat – but there’s a mold issue starting to develop. I wish she’d come out with a line! Perhaps we should inundate her with emails. Of course, if you wrote to her Grace, I’m sure she’d listen. Your eye is unerring!

  • Great items here! They make me want to redecorate! …maybe after the kids are grown! In the meantime, I’m looking for a long AND wide bath mat – to fit a jacuzzi size tub. That’s where my toddlers take a bath and the smaller mats are just not enough. Can anyone help? Thanks!!

  • So happy to have found this, but so sad that every mat I was interested in, whenever I clicked the link, they were no longer available. Like PIBS said, an update would be so appreciated. Meanwhile, if you can suggest some funky black & white bathmats… :)

    • hi rachel

      i’m sorry these pieces are no longer available. this is a post from 2008, so it’s the nature of online shopping that things from over 2 years ago may not be available any more. sorry :( but i’ll work on building an updated guide ;)