a special podcast: matte stephens and irving harper

today i’m incredibly honored and humbled to share a podcast with one of the our country’s greatest designers, irving harper. designer matte stephens introduced and/or reminded a new generation of designers and design admirers to mr. harper’s work with his essay for d*s last october and today he’s sharing an interview he recorded with the designer via phone. the depth and quality of irving harper’s work is truly awe-inspiring and his dedication to both his craft and nature set a wonderful example for generations of artists to come. i’m endlessly thankful to matte for sharing this podcast with us and continuing to allow us to learn more about mr. harper through their friendship. the full podcast runs around 17 minutes; i would suggest listening to this on a lunch break or later at home when you have time to devote to mr. harper’s thoughts. i was moved deeply by both mr. harper’s words and matte‘s devotion to this great american artist- i hope you’ll find this interview equally inspiring. the full file is directly below, just click “play” to listen. thank you again to matte and mr. harper for sharing this intimate interview with us. [if you’d like to read matte’s original piece about irving harper just click here]





this is wonderful! thanks matte for sharing your converstation with irving with us! thanks grace for posting it!


Wow! A true legend of design! We could all learn so much from this great innovator. Thanks Matte for letting us all in Irving’s mind and your special friendship with one of the grandfathers of modern design.

Vivienne Strauss

Thank you Grace for allowing us to share one of our best life experiences with all your readers. We will always be grateful for the opportunity of getting to know Irving Harper and his wife, Belle.


Matte, I’m having trouble with your flickr link…

But thank you so much for the interview. (and thank you Grace for bringing it to us! : ) )

Rosie Houghton

thanks so much for this wonderful podcast, have long been a fan of Matte’s illustrations….would love to see the photo’s of Irvings work too