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sneak peek: three potato four

by Grace Bonney

today’s last sneak peek belongs to janet morales and stu eli, the husband and wife team behind three potato four, an online shop devoted to housewares, accessories, vintage finds and 3P4 originals. based in reston, virginia (go, VA!), janet and stu have a stong love of collections and classic modern design. their home is a wonderful mix of new and old- along with colorful vignettes popping up in bookcases and on windowsills. you can see full sized versions of these photos right here or scroll below to read janet’s descriptions for each photo. thanks to janet, stu and their daughter holly for sharing- and thanks to anne for compiling today’s great sneak peeks!

[image above: Our kitchen gets really nice morning light, so our collection of tin can plants grow really well in the windowsill. Stu found our wood Thonet chairs in a school trash bin in Brooklyn. He called me up on his way home from work to meet him there and we managed to bring five of them home. The yellow chair was a gift from Stu’s aunt, who has been an avid antique collector for many years. The other wood chair shown was a gift from Stu, it is an antique chair from an old church and has a slot in the back where a bible would sit. Our kitchen table is Ikea.]

[Our downstairs office is right next to Holly’s playroom. It’s great that she can play while Stu and I work for the shop. This orange couch is from Urban Outfitters and seems to be a perfect fit for a playroom. Ever since we had Holly, we seem to have become obsessed with little chairs and we’ve accumulated quite a number of them in lots of different styles. These stackable plastic ones have seen many a tea party. The vintage science print on the wall details single-celled organisms (part of Stu’s vintage science collection).]

[This is our downstairs office. We do the bulk of our work upstairs but answer emails and check orders down here. Our bunnies also live in this room, they run around the house but at night they sleep here in the office. This slate blue industrial tanker desk was purchased from a neighbor when we lived in our loft in Brooklyn. It needs some refinishing and is missing a drawer but we really loved the color. The bulletin board I made by cutting down homasoate board (which you can buy at a hardware store) and staple gunning burlap to it. It’s a quick and easy diy project. Right: This is the stairway to upstairs. I made these silhouettes of us last year and gave it to Stu for his birthday. I even made one for our two bunnies. The letterpress art print is from etsy, by greenchairpress.]

[A few years ago Stu and I happened upon a old office supply store in NYC that was going out of business, they were selling everything. So we managed to lug to our apartment this industrial file cabinet. I have a big paper collection so this is now filled with lot and lots of paper and goodies. It sits in the corner of one of our offices (we have an office downstairs and upstairs). Right: The large letter S resides in our bedroom. I convinced Stu to buy it on one of our shopping trips for the store. I figured when would we ever again see a great S in this amazing green color. The metal S & J letters were a wedding gift. The print on the wall is a free poster that Volkswagon was giving away when we were walking around Union Square one day, I saved it because I liked the graphics and type and framed it in a Ikea frame. You can see a portion of a vintage pull down map that also hangs in our room.]

[This is Holly’s room on the right. The green shelf is filled with trinkets that we change up every now and then, I found the old shelf in my mom’s basement. It was a dark wood and I painted it green. The flags that hang in her room I made from my fabric collection and were part of a set I made that we strung up between trees in our front yard for Holly’s 2nd birthday. The little white and green table was Stu’s grandmother’s bedroom end table, Holly pretends it is her fridge. The elephant rocking horse is Holly’s favorite. Left: These are some collections in our home. We are always going on shopping trips and lately buying for ourselves and adding to our own collections has slowed down a bit. But we still like to look for interesting books and titles and these are some of them. They sit in industrial barrister bookcases that we have. The collection on the wall is simply made up of fun and beautiful things that hang in Holly’s playroom. Just things that make us happy.]

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  • So nice! I love the vintage single cell poster! Your house has such a pretty glow to it.

  • What a great house! It looks so ‘jeu de paume’-inspired, with all the colors and fun finds. I love the yellow chair, that color yellow is so great for a chair…

  • Such a beautiful house. I love the giant S, and the bunting is so happy and playful – you’ve inspired me to make some for our bedroom!

  • i’m in love and hyperventilating. can i have the bird pillow? just thought i’d ask. : ) thank you for the peek.

  • I love that this sneak peek gives us a glimpse into how a collection / design aesthetic can be influenced by a young child in the household! Very cool ;)

  • This is so beautiful and inspiring. All of their finds are awesome and I especially love how their home reflects their fabulously eclectic shop.

  • the family silhouettes project (featuring the bunnies) is so clever and endearing – i need to rock this with my husband and cats IMMEDIATELY. well done, janet!

  • Love the space! I’m totally envious of that industrial file cabinet with all the drawers. I love pieces like that for organizing.

  • Amazing! l Love the can pots in the dinning room window! I just happen to have saved some tomato cans too, but how to avoid rusting? Any suggestions?

  • thank you so much for all the wonderful compliments about our home!

    myriam: the rusting is inevitable, but mine have lasted over four years now. just make sure to add small stones to the bottom under the soil and try not to overwater them. succulents seem to thrive best in them.

    jasmine: i created the silhouettes by tracing our photos in Adobe Illustrator. i then printed the outline out and stapled it to a piece of acid-free black paper. then you just need to carefully cut out each silhouette and use an exact-o knife for the detail areas.

  • I have been looking for a vintage print as you have in Holly’s playroom. Could you provide me with some advice on where to look? Thanks!

  • I just bought some great pieces from 3P4 and just found out they are from my hometown Reston, Va. I never knew a place like that could exist there. Yay VA.

  • Janet & Stu-

    Reston in the house!! Where do you guys live? We have a little one and are in Reston too. Great to know there are others around here with fun vintage/modern style. Is 3P4 just online or do you have a shop as well?

  • I think your desk is a vintage Steelcase desk, maybe 40’s.
    We had one at the University and what a great desk!!

  • I need to know, where did you get the metal chair in front of your desk?! I’m absolutely in love with it.

  • My parents-in-law have five of those yellow chairs – only they’re stained. (And I’ve already got dibs.)

    My father-in-law thinks they purchased them (along with the matching table, and a 6th, now broken, chair) at Cost Plus in the late 70s, early 80s.

  • What a great article on a great home! As a native of Herndon, and still a Northern Virginian, I am heartened to see such great style in our area. Especially when our reputation is for cookie cutter homes, I love that you have achieved such an individual, composed look. Cheers!

  • i love your planters in the kitchen. really wanting to see a picture of those bunnies!

  • Just caught this on the post about playroom and I LOVE that rocking elephant! Any tips on where I can find one for our son? Thanks!

  • My favorite feature of my favorite website on the internet is Design Sponge’s Sneek Peek. I swear, I don’t miss a one. And this one might be my all time favorite!

    Very realistic, livable space with spunk and love.


  • is youyr 3 potato 4 a collections/furniture/decor’ shop or a fast food shop as the one recently opened in salem MA?