sneak peek: sugarloop

today’s sneak peek belongs to new zealand designer bernadette sipkes of sugarloop. a definite favorite among design bloggers and etsy shoppers, bernadette creates beautiful limited edition screenprints she sells through her etsy shop and discusses on her blog (among other topics). today we’re catching a sneak peek (thanks to anne) into her auckland home, complete with descriptions from bernadette below. as always you can click here to see full-sized versions of bernadette’s home. [thanks to bernadette for sharing her lovely home with us]

[if you have a sneak peek you’d like to submit or an artist you’d like to suggest just shoot me a line right here]

[top image: the colors on the leaf cushion inspired me to paint the picture hanging on the wall. a vase full of casablanca lilies is on the bedside table. image directly above: christmas lilies and scented candles on an eileen gray table and a favorite kaftan hanging behind the door.]

[image above: we chose eames wire chairs specifically to contrast against our oak dining table. The chairs do not overwhelm our small dining room and most importantly, they are comfortable and light.]


[image above: the enamel coated tin containers on the shelf were from a local homeware store called nest. i love their nostalgic appeal and they’re so practical in a bathroom with limited storage.]

[image above: the hand carved wooden lampshade is a treasured wedding gift and it sits on top of a step ladder/stool from ikea. The light pendant is by iq light. hanging on the wall is artwork which i painted several years ago.]

[image above, left to right: (desk) i am constantly inspired by organic shapes. i particularly love the graceful lines of lotus pods and monstera leaves; (table) the round organic bowls were a thrift store find. the small cubed “stacking vase” was handmade by a talented etsy seller called mudpuppy. next to it is a calathea plant.


Wow — I love this whole look! Since I’ve gotten married, I’ve been trying to cut down on my obsession with all things green. It’s been tough, but I’ve been able to mix in some other colors to tone it down a little (for a while it was rose and mauve, then it was baby blue, recently brown). But it never occurred to me to just go with white! Really like the way the shapes take on more significance with the white, and the green is allowed to stand out.
P.S. One of my favorite things about the sneak peaks is a little game I play with myself where I look for similar objects between my place and the place we’re peaking at. Here the winning items are the white enamel containers, and the green paperboard boxes on the desk. Hooray! Lovely!


I love these photos — what a great space. Where is that kitchen table from — it looks so familiar…


I knew she was talented and creative (and also sweet!), but I never knew she had such a gorgeous home! Thanks for the peek!

perfect bound

Beautiful. I would get so much work done in such a sweet and clutter free home. I love all the natural light and her simple solution for stylish storage.

Octavine Illustration

such clean lines…and so white! (i can’t imagine she has pets…) beautiful. i just want to snuggle up in that bed and read a book. or maybe the claw foot…hmmm…


so serene! I aspire to have such serenity and light in my home (and beautiful artwork). Now it’s mostly clutter and sticky things (4 yr old and 2 yr old).

I adore the bird piece in the first photo. Checking your shop now to see if if you sell prints!


I feel renewed after viewing this home. It’s nice to see serene creamy whites after all the brilliant colors. Nicely done indeed.


Hello! Are you happy with your chairs from Eames! I am a norwegian woman thinking of the same ones. We already have too much white furniture, and the ones with colour do not match our other stuff. Are they comfortable? I think maybe theese grow on you. Besides, everyone else have them in white.