sneak peek: oijoy photo

today i’m thrilled to share a sneak peek into the home of photographer janet moran and her husband john (who is a fantastic furniture maker). based in chicago, janet runs oijoy photo, specializing in children, baby and family photography. janet and john call their style “toddlerism” and elaborated by saying, “we really feel that utility is the first tenant of good design and with rambunctious little-boy-hands over every square inch of our home – we decided not to simply hide away the ‘good stuff’ but to surround ourselves with things we all could enjoy; which means a lot of durable wood items that are naturally beautiful and provide texture and color throughout our home. we want a home that is driven by family, utility, comfort, and actually living with modern design.” and they’ve created just that. below are a selection of photos from john and janet’s home, along with descriptions in their own words. as always, you can click here for full sized (and many extra) photos of janet and john’s home. thanks to john and janet for sharing their home with us!

[image above: This hutch is one of our favorite pieces; it belonged to John’s grandparents (who knew Broyhill furniture was so cool in the late 1950’s?). Nearly every piece on the shelves is either Ebay or antiqued. The pram was given to us as a baby gift and having every intention of using it once little Hank was born – but we soon realized it was extremely inconvenient and weighs as much as a Cadillac. The deer antlers were a gift from my dad – growing up they hung in our house.]

[image above: “The cherry media cabinet was built by john. The stool is vintage as well as the plant stand, which we use for holding magazines and books. The little collection of wooden Japanese dolls come from a local Japanese mercantile store. John buys one each year as a Christmas gift for me.”]

[image above, left to right: Our eat-in kitchen overlooks our tiny backyard. The Saarinen table was a thrift store find for $35 and still has the Knoll sticker underneath! The small rug on the floor is a handmade gift from our talented friend over at Seymour Cornelius. Right: These are large prints I made of tiny ‘photo-booth’ size images. They are all family photos.]

[image above: We bought the Womb chair at an auction for a steal. It was the only ‘modern’ lot selling that day so we hadn’t any competition.]

[image above: The dressers, found at the same antique market in Indianapolis, are by Russell Wright. The painting above is by John]

[image above, left to right: John used left over scraps to make the wooden barn blocks for Henry’s train set and farm animals. Right: We bought the gate-leg Heywood Wakefield dining table and chairs for a song at a great antique market in Indianapolis. This room doubles as my photo studio and office so we are always rearranging the space to accommodate backdrops so having a dining table that can fold down to 12″ wide is a must. The oak desk was used by my grandfather in his office and the hanging light was purchased while visiting Denmark.]

[image above: John built the bookshelf on the sun porch. The chairs are vintage Danish and are badly in need of recovering.]


where is the couch from that’s in the womb chair photo? i like the shape and the wooden legs. :)


What a beautiful space…I can’t believe you bought the Saarinen table for $35!


the images were made public 20 minutes ag0- let me know if anyone can’t view the extra images…



Where could I find those lifesaver shaped items on the highchair? Is that a food of some sort?


jenilou – unfortunately, the sofa is a
prototype that was never put into production. so it is a one-of-a-kind.

Julia J.

I love your place. It was nice to come visit (when it wasn’t freezing) and absorb the functional,stylish blend of your home as well as all the unique aspects that tie into your families creative history.


Your home is beautiful! I love that you’ve put family and utility and comfort first and still made it fabulous. Do you know the name of the yellow paint in the kitchen? I think it might be the one I’ve been searching for!


The blue paint in the living room is lovely…may I know what that is as well?

Janet Moran

I knew I should have been prepared with my paint colors. It’s going to take me till tomorrow to dig through the storage unit and find the paint cans. Please check back tomorrow and I will have the colors posted for you all.

pve design

an artful home full of personality, style and simplicity- hey, design sponge – did you see your blog on the cover of pc world dec 2007 issue, great article! check it out! visit me too!


tornados : as for seeing any more of my furniture – janet’s blog has another cabinet i built for my father, but i am employed by a furniture company here in chicago and thus haven’t a website of my personal work.



Please tell me that these rooms are styled to within an inch of their lives and you don’t actually LIVE like that with a toddler and a business… Or else I may have to kill myself…


I love your home! You have great style and use color well. I used to live in Indy and would love to know where that antique market is at that you mentioned. You found some great pieces. My family still lives there, so I want to keep it in mind for my next visit!


So lovely! What a thrill to see the pictures of your place here only a day after hanging out with you. It certainly reflects John’s and your talent. (Can we trade a painting for some barn blocks?)


John, Do you sell furniture that you make? Love the media cabinet!

Mowhawk Dungaree

Stunning. This is the residential equivalent of high heels, a short skirt, and a smile that’ll bring a man to his knees. Way to encourage one of the seven deadlies. As if trying to stay on the short and narrow wasn’t hard enough. Thanks. A. Lot.



Janet Moran

Wow, Everyones comments are so wonderful and gracious! JAN – the photo booth frames are from IKEA and yes, they are clip frames. SARA- the beadspread is also from IKEA. PAOLA- please don’t kill yourself. You are correct, these rooms are cleaner than I’ve ever seen them. Our little boy does a great job of keeping the place a mess. KATEY – Midland Antiques is the place we love in Indianapolis. CHUCKLES – Those are cheerios and if you and your lovely wife come for dinner I’ll serve you some.


Whoa! I’m in Indianapolis! Can you tell me which antique market you frequent?


beautiful home! everything looks so simple and clean with gorgeous details. love it!



just shoot me an email- i have a feeling it’s a browser problem. there are comments on these photos in my flickr account so they’re definitely visible. i’m sure we can figure this out :)



paolo : of course its a constant struggle to keep toys picked up and the floors clean but we find having things in order keeps us calm. i’m sure you can spot a dust-bunny lurking around somewhere…


I love everything about your home. It’s “cleaner” than what I usually go for but it doesn’t come across as “sterile” at all; it’s very homey and personal.

I have a Henry, too! He’s 8 and his furniture isn’t half as cool as YOUR Henry’s! ;)

Janet Moran

Paint colors:
Living room – Behr, Prelude 740E-3
Dining room – Behr, Lime Light 700E-2
Kitchen – Benjamin Moore,Yellow Marigold 2155-30


John: I love the media cabinet. Any chance you do your own work now (it’s about five years later)?