sneak peek: foxy and winston

today’s sneak peek belongs to brooklyn-based artist jane buck of foxy and winston. anne compiled this lovely sneak peek and sent over an incredible selection of photos from which to choose. as always, our favorites are above and below (with text from jane) but you can click here for full-sized and extra photos of jane’s home. i’ve been a fan of jane’s for a while now so it’s such a treat to see inside her home and workspace- i’m especially envious of her incredible art and vintage tableware collection. the post continues after the jump so click here to view the full post or just click “read more” below. thanks to jane for sharing her lovely home.

[stay tuned for a second sneak peek at 2!]

[bedroom (top photo): we painted one wall in the bedroom with “sea crystal” (pratt & lambert) paint and the rest bright white as it is the only truly sunny room in the house and i like the shadows that the tillandsia airplants create in the mornings. we don’t really have any other bedroom furniture to speak of yet, in fact our biggest purchase since we bought our little condo in the south slope is one that cannot be seen, but is appreciated on a nightly basis – it is an organic latex mattress by natures rest and I recommend it most highly to anyone looking to invest in a good nights sleep! we got the sixties beehive lamps from ebay. the 1930’s pitcher/ bowl and green glass jar from tiny antique shop inside a sweet railway station by my parents norfolk home in england.]

[living room above: simon and i painted the lounge “stormy monday” (benjamin moore) and the ceiling a much lighter grey and i painted the front door peacock blue for a splash of color. the curtains & cushions were made by my mum (fabric from mood). i believe the animal print design was taken directly from an american folklore tapestry. the fifties teak dining table we bought from sugar barrel antiques in canada and the lime yellow eiffel chairs are by the eameses- oh and the lovely vase by amy at perch! the screen print above the dining table is a landscape by tony ogle from new zealand (another wedding gift). the walnut credenza – a craigslist bargain from park slope. i am rather partial to screen printed rock art – leah bell is my favorite – the hippo and the owl are hers and the joan jet is by strawberry luna. other prints about the Lounge are by jen corace, jeana sohn, katie muth and of course, me.]



[image above: my latest animal friend the tweed turtle doorstop from ark]

[image above: i made this notice board in my studio- on it is my little collection of victorian glass buttons that were left me by my auntie marjorie]

[image above: i collect yellow and blue mismatched old english fine bone china, my favorite type is “april showers” by royal albert (see flickr set), my mother-in-law sent me the cup saucer and tea plate from new zealand. i have quite a bit of cornish ware that my great aunt started me collecting.]

[image above: the couch (left) we got on sale at abc home. all cushions courtesy of my mum “foxy” except for the king charles footman door snake (see flickr set): our apartment has some mean drafts! on the right is artwork in our bedroom: mearns’ grasshopper mouse & dame’s rocket -original watercolor by amy jean porter, (my most treasured possession). other prints around the room: autumn by fifi lapin, petals and alameda by yellena, the wheedling by linnea gits and see you soon by amy ruppel. glass “J” wall plate by john derian.]

[image above: left- original painting by artist louise bell (a wedding gift from a dear painter friend in london), right- i have THE tiniest workroom ever and this is where it all happens at the moment, i have all my screen printing machinery on wheelie carts to save space so i can wheel it out of the way when i don’t need it.]

Uncle Beefy

Well, I’ve always loved the cards but Jane’s home….so lovely! And the organized studio is something to behold and aspire to!



i think jane said above that it’s from mood, but there’s no specific pattern name.



love this sneak peek and love foxy and winston. i purchased a few cards from her at bazaar bizarre in boston and thought she was great! really like the yellow eiffel chairs/teak dining table combo. and looove the tiny work studio.


i would like to know who makes the (pomegranate print?) fabric on the bedroom pillow also… i think i have seen it on d*sponge before… thanks!


lovely place. i love love love the silver bedside lamps and have seen them elsewhere (on your site?). could you tell me who makes it, where available. would love to have myself – thanks!

Melissa de la Fuente

I just love foxy and winston’s work, I met Jane at Renegade last year and she was so lovely. Two of my very favorite prints are hers and I am so happy to see her beautiful home.


Great sneak peak! Jane is just as lovely as her work (met her at ArtStar bizarre in Philly last summer). I was lucky enough to score her beautiful alpaca print and some great cards too.

Can you tell me more about the blue pear and the floral squirrel on the shelf? Thanks!


Love Design*Sponge! Longtime reader and lurker. The adorable mouse print (below the bookshelf holding books, blue pear, and squirrel) has shaken me from the shadows–do you have any information on it?

Thanks! Keep up the awesome work!


I enjoyed this sneak peek and seeing such Jane’s beautiful home. I too am drawn to those beautiful blue ceramic pears.


Beautiful! Can I ask: where did the card rack in the studio come from? (I searched some stores for one and can’t find one.)


I love your apartment and those chrome ball lamps… Where can
I find the chrome ball lamps ???


Hello All,

I am afraid the Blue Pears came from New Zealand quite a few years ago, they are quite lovely one is whole and one a half. The squirrel on the shelf was a gift from my mum I think she got it on sale at Anthropologie for a grand $3! The Chrome Lamps are from the sixties I got them on Ebay and the shades from that Shade Shop in Nolita.
Oh and here is the link to the card rack – I managed to find it online at Pottery Barn:

thanks so much



Janey, I loved the sneak peek inside your beautiful apartment. I really need to come and visit one day. It looks fantastic. I love Nana Marj’s blue china !!

Adrienne Gilbert

Hi Jane. Shona sent me the web site with your lovely home. Loved the colours and your decorating style. Some day we may pass through NY and would love to catch up with you. Are you coming down this way?
Love Adrienne


Sweet place and print work. I’m madly in love with the blue pears, ohhhh! Loved the picture frames over the bed, and the storage card boxes. And of course the animals. And the adorable green of the china paint and glass lided pot.