oven mitt roundup

in honor of today’s “in the kitchen with” column (coming up next at 12:30) i thought it would be fun to do an oven mitt roundup. i’m partial to the silicone kind, but quilted fabric mitts sure are pretty. so i’ve included a wide range of styles and materials- almost all of which are under $15. there are several mitts after the jump so click here for the full post or click “read more” below. enjoy!

[image above, clockwise from top left: marimekko bottna oven mitt $16, utensils oven mitt $12.95, translucent silicone mitt $10.99, maude oven mitt $12, stockholm flora oven mitt $12, sparkle oven mitt $12, orka flex oven mitt $20, orka petite silicone oven mitt $14.99, deadly squire oven mitt $28, unikko oven mitts $17 each, frog pot holder $10.95, indigo camellia oven mitt $12]

[image above, clockwise from top left: adriatic oven mitt $19.99, needle art oven mitt $12, marimekko fokus oven mitt $17, crab apple oven mitt $12, marimekko mokki oven mitt $16, woven stripe oven mitt $18, red and white striped oven mitt $7.95, rose blue oven mitt $18, deadly squire oven mitt $28, breakfast oven mitt $18]

[image above, clockwise from top right: fern mitt by xoichi $6.95, orleans toile mitt $12, marimekko onni oven mitt $16, silicone zone oven mitts $24.99 for set of 2, martha stewart oven mitt $9.99]

[image above: diy oven mitt sewing project by sew bettie]

[image above: oven mitt and pot holder $30 by pink koala at etsy]

[image above: oven mitty $10 by girls can tell at etsy]


Now, if only someone can find me some elbow-length oven mitts. I’m the first to admit that my husband is right about me being a bit of a klutz (even if he does exaggerate a little). But of course, I can’t hide the turkey pan scars halfway between my elbows and my wrists. But hey, at least I’m a pretty good cook :)


wow, you did a great job :)
some really nice mitts here :)
thanks for th info i was actually looking for some few days ago but couldn’t find any nice ones.


i like the silicone oven mitts too – they are great at dealing with heat. they just need to make them actually fit people’s (small) hands and they will be perfect!


This is great! I’d also love to see a table linens (runner, napkins, placemats…) roundup.


I am dying. It’s like a light shown down from the sky, I am obsessed with oven mits and just had like, twelve orgasms and opened sixteen new windows to buy them…um, all.


I love this! I agree with Jody, I’d love to see more…maybe even rolling pins or flour bins, tool :) Thanks!


I do have a question for oven mitt manufacturers: why don’t they make oven mitts to fit women’s hands? Most are so large that I am more likely to get burned from losing my grip than anything else. I notice one person commented that silicon mitts are smaller, any other tips?


OMG! Silicone mitts? puh-lease, those won’t biodegrade for millennia! natural fibers please!

sara jensen

can you believe that i am just getting around to looking at this to get my oven mitts. ive been without them since i asked you!

Donna Bogott

We do English Language Camps in Eastern Europe. Teachers in each of the four countries where we do the camps will be helping us with translation in the classroom. Our gift to them will be a kitchen angel (made with kitchen towel, wash cloth and oven mitt or hot pad). I am searching for oven mitts and hot pads. Is there any possiblity of our mission organizagtion getting oven mitts or hot pads from you as a donation, reduced rate, or maybe buying overstock at a reduced rate. I am in need of 50 oven mitts or hot pads. Thank you for considering this request. I have been doing Language Camps in Russia since 1996.


Ok, so which ones are good for people who have small hands? I have kicked down every door in cyberspace to find the answer to this question and I’m still coming up short. I bought some for kids but they were WAY too little.


I am looking for an oven double ended mitten. It is about 3 feet long and has slip in ( hands) pockets at either end.
Do you have one like this?