graphic design + illustration

mucca design + butterfield market

by Grace Bonney

this weekend i ordered the book brand makeover: identity crisis (by jeff fisher, HOW books $35) because i have an irrational love of the concept of branding and brand makeovers. i get uneasy thinking of d*s as a ‘brand’ but i’m totally comfortable talking about other people’s companies, websites, publications and stores as brand- it’s always so fun to think about ways to update and better communicate a company’s mission and goals visually. but perhaps that’s because my dad worked in advertising when i was growing up. i remember digging through his old issues of communication arts and tearing out great logos, ad campaigns and business cards. totally dorky i know, but looking back now it’s fun to think that was a sign of what was to come. anyway, back to the point, i love reading about brand makeovers so i always pick up HOW magazine and see what companies they’re profiling. this month they did a great piece on mucca design and their rebranding of a 93 year-old specialty food store in nyc called butterfield market. i was really taken with the colors and script they chose to use- simple, modern and perfect for a shop that’s all about high-quality goods. you can see more on the transformation right here (under ‘clients’) or visit mucca’s site here and butterfield’s site here (i highly suggest a visit if you’re in nyc- it’s a foodie heaven).



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  • Fabulous Post!! I’m in the process of rebranding my shop and this is very inspirational. Thank you for posting.
    Congrats on your engagement!

  • i also have an irrational love of branding – i’m a huge fan of package design especially (extra weird). thanks for sharing, this is a beautiful re-brand. thanks for sharing!

  • Grace – I totally have an irrational love of branding as well! If you haven’t read Emotional Branding – I highly recommend. I am a mega branding nerd. That was a great article in HOW (which is one of my fave design mags) and I just adore that big B.

  • I can’t believe I lived just blocks from here for a year and never knew about it…a sign, perhaps, that some new branding was needed?
    Love the overall concept, from the new bags to the b-cards to the van. The fonts and colors are just lovely.

  • OMG – I was JUST looking at this same book this weekend. I am amazed by branding too and how it can impact a business. Still thinking of buying the book…

  • Thanks for the Brand Book reference. I love HOW Magazine and am going to the HOW Design Conference in May. Are you? You’d love it!

  • Aahh…so many things to think about when starting your business! I feel like I finally just had to oust my perfectionist tendencies and just start. My “brand” is definitely not where I want it to be, but I just had to begin. I will definitely be checking out that book, though. Right now I’m reading “Book Yourself Solid” and it’s taking up all of my brainpower at the moment. It’s a great read, though. :)

  • I work in packaging design & branding, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE Mucca design. I look to them for inspiration often. They design for such a wonderful niche market and create beautiful brands. They really have an eye for fun and unique typography.

  • I agree, the color choices are superb. I would definitely notice their van driving down the street – it looks great. The colors/styling reminds me of a collection of vintage glass seltzer bottles that my friend had saved from her nyc childhood. (The coolest part was that some of the bottles still had liquid inside! – the last one was delivered sometime in the ’80s).

  • thanks for sharing the book and photos – can’t wait to check the book out further. i am a font and branding graphic junkie and am constantly changing the look and logo of my company. you’ve got to keep it fresh, right?

  • I have to buy that book!

    Also, I love the Butterfield Market! My grad school’s cafeteria (New York School of Interior Design) was catered by them and I wholly miss their turkey and cranberry sandwiches.

  • Dear D*Sponge,
    I have known Matteo Bologna, one of the founder of Mucca as he’s from Milano. He moved in NY in the early nineties. He’s a great guy and created a unique team of designer. I am happy you posted about it. Their taste is unique. Thank you. Paola

  • I’m in social work school just around the corner from Butterfields and have always found the place to be kind of stuffy, however, in the past few months I’ve noticed those cups in class and wanted to find the cute coffee shop they must’ve come from, only to discover it’s the food store with the demanding UES ladies who lunch. I’ve since been tempted to stray from my usual Oren’s cup of the day and been into Butterfields a few times, guess you can say their rebranding is working for me!