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mini trend: numbers and letters

letters one
it’s been forever since i posted a new mini-trend so i was thrilled when our lovely new contributor anne sent over a fantastic roundup of products that showcase numbers and letters. she’s grouped a huge selection of products ranging from wallcoverings to papergoods so click here to view the full roundup- or just click “read more” below. thanks to anne for the fantastic mini-trend!

[image above, clockwise from top left: Bang Letter Tote $22, Sebastian Wrong Typographic Clock $450, not neutral coin bank $26, Monogrammed Pint $6 (in-store only), 8" Craft letters $2.85, Salt & Pepper Blocks $10, Oversized (25") Zinc Letters $98, Sukie Alphabet pillow $72]

letters three
[image above, clockwise from top left: clifford initial mugs £11.50, Chocolate scrabble $6: (via Hi + Low), Delancey font (part of Hoefler & Frere-Jones "Numbers" font package), alphabet bowl $16.95, monogrammed mugs$6]

[image above, left to right: Knoll Merge [Helvetica] wallcovering by Abbott Miller (as seen in Ellen & Abbott’s sneak peek), letterpress photo $8]

[image above: Number tea Towel Set £32.50 (via Bloesem)]

[image above: Signature Mugs $10.95 (via H&FJ)]

[image above: Vintage Routemaster Numbers £95 each]

[image above: red vintage pin back letters $3.50]

[image above: random number tags $4.50]

[image above: vintage routemaster number light box £249]

[image above: Hoefler & Frere-Jones Number [font] set $129]

[image above: D*S DIY applique pillows project]

[image above: Alphabet tiles £2.65 each]

[image above: Moveable type in chocolate €0.60/character: (via H&FJ)]

[image above: brown industrial envelopes $6.75]

[image above: Red Metal Letters $85-150]

[image above, left to right: Eclecto pads $5 (CAN), Opaque Red Plastic Letters $75: (via Urban Grace Interiors)]

[image above, clockwise from top left: Helvetica film $20, ABC love card $2.95 (via zzilch), 2008 Calendar Template $3.99]

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I love this! I’ve been seeing letters everywhere for a while and felt a little selfish always wanting to find something with a “J” on it ;-)


I’m loving this mini-trend. I would say letters and numbers have become popular within the past 2 years, but are especially hitting the scene now as people crave customized goods.


i feel like jhayne is putting a finger on it though, it’s more about fonts and types that have specific feelings to them, used as decorative objects or artful images…


Wow. That’s the most exciting thing I’ve seen all month (perhaps I should get out more).
Chocolate Scrabble; I’m intrigued, and I’m off to find out more. Many thanks for sharing, d*s.


I love letters so much and these are all terrific (chocolate especially – woohoo!)

I just came across Sweet Bella on flickr, which also looks worth checking out – beautiful white ceramic letters in different sizes.


I am having a huge problem viewing your images today for some reason! So sad. I’m sure it’s just me because of the plethora of comments. :)


Thanks for including my Eclecto pads! It is nice to be surrounded by so much typographic goodness.


Love this post! Thanks for including Urban’s monogram pints! Just wanted to note that the monogram pints actually retail for $6. Again, great job!



i’m so sorry! i’m guessing it’s because today’s photos are hosted on flickr for the time being. the d*s server runs slowly when i add too many images so sometimes i host them on flickr for a day or two to lighten the load.

does your computer have a firewall that blocks flickr?

just shoot me a line, i’m happy to help figure out what the problem is- so sorry for the trouble.

grace :)


Anne what a great post, I love it! I especially love the fancy monogramed mugs from Anthropoloie, I was just about to order them for my nieces for Valentines Day and then realized they will not be available until March…can you think of a website or something equally as cute and pocket book friendly that would be a great treat for two very girly little ones for Valentines Day? I was going to fill the mugs with stickers and candy….
Ann H

Loyalty & Blood

Hello Grace & Anne,
Thanks for including our letter N totebag – it was such a nice surprise! We wanted to note that we just went through a recent name change from BANG to Loyalty & Blood and have not had a sec to update our website. For now, you can find a lot of our letter totes on Etsy – We have all letters available – please refer to our old site for the letter details!
Maggie & David

Prêt à Voyager

Thanks to everyone for all your kind comments!

StellaQuinn/Ann H, those definitely were a great pick, and just girlie enough. Sorry they’re not available yet (maybe in stores??). . . Honestly my next suggestion for something like this that is very pocketbook friendly is to go to an antique/thrift store. You can find really beautiful individual tea cups and saucers, and for like $5, and you could still fill them with stickers and candy. Check out this post/comments from Perfectbound:



What a great trend. I love the tea towels, the mugs and those tiles!

Thank you so much for including my calendar template! :)


Anne – Thanks so much for this post. I just looooooove type, so this is a real treat!

Stella – Anthropologie has another chunkier version (both the mug and the type) online for the same price. I’ve seen the ones on the trend page in the store already, but it sounds like you can’t get there. I gave these mugs to my son’s preschool teachers at Christmas – filled with cookies and a Barnes & Noble gift card, and they loved the mugs most of all!


Thanks Anne and Melissa- I can’t wait to look into these other options! Thanks again for your help!!


Loved this! Definitely ordered the chocolate Scrabble for my mom and sister, fellow word nerds and chocolate devotees. Also, Anthropologie has great “Printer’s Block Letter Hooks”!

jennifer Ramos

Hello Grace, just noticed my ABC Love card, thanks sooo much! I wish you had posted the actual picture of the product, its soo much cuter….oh well! But thanks anyhow. FOR THE READERS, you can also find this card as a POSTER, which I’m proud to say has been selling quite well!
Here’s the direct link to the poster in a frame:


Jen Ramos


One more thing “letter’ related that I am looking for….large letter ( sort of fancy)vinyl decals….that you could afix to a journal, etc. I once saw some listed in BluePrint but can not for the life of me find the article. Do you know of any??
Thanks again!

Prêt à Voyager

First of all, if you’re still looking for an interesting container for Valentines gifts, PaperSource has some cute tins and mini-suitcases:

As for the large letter vinyl decals, Blik ( and Domestic ( are two of the big vinyl fabricators. Can’t say I remember seeing any letters though (although you could make a custom design) – maybe someone should give the idea to these companies. I work with sign companies all the time (Fast Signs type places) and you could easily take a file into a store, and relatively inexpensively have a custom decal made. Another option is a rubber stamp like these from Paper Source: But really, one of my favorite things is to design something, and have the local store fabricate it into a custom stamp (in my case Wm Baumgaten in Baltimore:… here are a couple I’ve “made”:


P.S. Jen, thanks for the info. I totally missed the [fabulous] poster when I first visited your site.

Larry Will

Incredible collection of wonderful letter forms. My hat is off to your passion.


I am the happiest person right now. I love type faces, I love seeing them on everything. I am really happy that people that are not design related are getting a better appreciation of this. I love it, Love summer.

erin brain-gibson

Ahhhh! I love all things with letters & numbers! (It’s my life after all!) I love to collect them. Thanks for the great selection! Esp. love the bowl!


I use my anthropologie “A” coffee mug everyday at work. It’s good for the environment too by not using and trashing paper coffee cups everyday.


I am trying to figure out how to purchase the chocolate movable type. I LOVE the idea as a gift for fellow type lovers…
Has anyone figured out how to go about ordering these? Can I customize what it says?
Thanks so much, this is a great post!


I too love type . . . I am fascinated with how the shape and size and style of letters can work together to be art in themselves.

Please visit my etsy shop if you want to take a look!

Judi Knight

I love the letters. I have some big love letters that are fabulous and we are doing a coffee shop using old sign letters as the back of the bar. Great Collection!


If you guys like this stuff you will love what is on my etsy store…. cuffs and rings with monograms on them using art nouveau and vintage lettering


I want to put my house number in huge letters and hope people will follow suit. I


Canadian Artist Sid Dickens has been making Letter & Number Memory Blocks for many years. Always popular, Letters & Numbers are a great way to personalize any room.

suzanna easley

hi I thought I found on your website these darling “teny tiny” letters from a shop in sanfransico am I at the rt place ??!if so could you pls email me how to find them agian. THANKS!! sle


The tea towel set is wonderful. I make twig letters, and of course love all typography!!


My favorite thing is to find vintage pieces with initials…for whatever my name happens to be at the time. I change my name (not legally) along with my moods and the seasons in my life, and I like to have something, usually jewelry, to represent that identity.


Numbers and Letters are great to add that little extra jazz on an item. I love the products above. Another great way to use them is on dressers or chest as drawer pulls or handles.

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