john murphy

based in philadelphia, john murphy is the artist behind the multidisciplinary design studio, john murphy projects. for the past four years, john has been creating these beautiful photography series using colorful hand-finished frames and images he photographs himself. john’s exhibited in galleries, showrooms and fairs (including minima in philly) but now he’s launched his own shop to sell these gorgeous photographs. ranging from $150 to $1600 for unique and limited editions, john’s work is truly a feast for the eyes. i’m still trying to decide which glossy handmade frame i love the most, not to mention the lovely archival pigment prints. you can view and shop john’s full range of prints right here- enjoy! [thanks, john!]




What gets me is the amazing colors – LOVE these!! I could see each one stand alone, or be paired up. Just lovely – thanks!


the photos do not compliment the frames, not digging the contrast. the idea is cute though.


To clarify – these frames aren’t “handmade.” I bought these EXACT same frames (they’re resin) at TJMaxx for under $10, and spraypainted them white. You can do it, too – for far, far less!

That said, I really like the colors he used.


I like both the frames and the photos. The glossy frames are gorgeous, the more intricate the better and I especially love that great deep green! As for the photos, I find them refreshing. They are beautiful, colorful and whimsical. I keep seeing the same washed out, bordered, textured stuff over and over and over. I’m not saying that look is unattractive, just that it is nice to see something else.

flea dell

These are great as decorative objects. I’d like to see the gorgeous photos without the distraction of the frames.