diy wednesdays: stitched-wood lazy susan

every once in awhile, we take a field trip to the hardware store and roam the aisles looking for inspiration. last weekend, we spotted these pre-cut wood rounds in various sizes, and thought it would be fun to create a lazy susan for our dining room table. an inexpensive spinning mechanism and some yarn embroidery were all we needed to make this handy, custom lazy susan. click here for the full instructions and more photos or just click “read more” below.

have fun!
derek & lauren


Here’s what you’ll need:
-Pre-cut 18″ wood disk
-Pre-cut 12″ wood disk
-Lazy Susan hardware, 6″ diameter
-3/4″ wide iron-on wood veneer trim
-Screws (4 x 1″ self-tapping screws, 4 x 1/2″ wood screws)
-Sandpaper in multiple grits
-Wood conditioner, stain & sealant
-Drill/drill bits
-3 yds of yarn & a yarn darning needle

1. Measure, mark and drill holes for embroidery, we did ours 1″ apart using a 5/32″ drill bit.
2. Sand wood, starting with a rough grit sandpaper and progressing to a fine grit until the surface of the wood is smooth.
3. Apply iron-on veneer to the raw edges of both disks. (This stuff is awesome!)
4. Following the instructions on your Lazy Susan hardware package, mark and pre-drill holes in bottom disk.
5. Attach hardware to top and bottom disks.
6. Condition, stain and seal wood with your choice of stain color.
7. Thread your yarn darning needle and “embroider” with yarn or rope all the way around, tying ends together on the underside of the top piece.
8. Gather around the table and give your snacks a spin.





I love every DIY project you guys do; it’s too bad I can’t try most of it myself, since I’m living in a dorm room. Someday…


if only i had a proper table to put this on (i’m one of those people who balances plates on her knees). i would love a lazy susan with some sort of bird decal, or krazy-gluing a melamine tray to the top disc. i love lazy susans.


So beautiful :) It doesn’t look too hard, just need to borrow the boyfriend’s drill! Love the embroidery, I’m trying to think of different ways to do it as well.


thanks so much for sharing these great ideas with everyone! you have such a big heart!


jen s

while the lazy susan is great, i am fascinated with the wood disks! imagine the great things you could do with them on your walls! i’m going to keep my eye open and hopefully will find some at my local hardware store(s).


You could also use plastic yarn as an alternative – the kind we used to weave into bracelets as kids in summer camp (called “gimp” or “boondoggle”, depending on what region you hail from!). It’s flat and waterproof…might last longer (but would definitely give the piece a different feel.)