diy project: wallpaper lampshade

i’m still pretty sleepy and jet-lagged from the time change and last night’s meetup (thank you again to everyone who came!) but not too sleepy to enjoy and appreciate this fun diy project from duffy london. it’s not too heavy on the details but the general idea is easy to adopt: wallpaper cut to size and stuck to the shade with sticky tape. click here for the full video if it doesn’t load above. i’m a sucker for diy videos….

Tay from ::twirl::

It was great meeting you last night in Portland, Grace! The Bizladies meet-up was really fun and your marketing portion was so valuable. I feel like I have a plan now! Thanks for being so generous.

melissa lewis

Great idea. I don’t know how you can find the energy to make all these post as sleepy as you are. Wish I had your stamina!


i’ve been thinking about doing this for awhile. thanks for sharing this video. get some rest =)


Love this idea…I have so many crafty ideas in mind.

Michelle-click onto the duffylondon link and it will take you to his online shop, where you can buy his DIY stick-it lampshade.

I ordered mine already.


Also, is there an american version of this product? It seems as if I can no longer buy the supplies, are the out of stock?