dining table roundup

today’s product roundup is all about the dining room. i finally reloaded the dining chair guide from HG and now i’m rounding up a wide range of dining tables. as always i’ve tried to include a wide range of styles and prices- feel free to add your favorites in the comment section below. there are a 12 more tables after the jump so click here for the full post or just click “read more” below. enjoy! [sorry for the short posts, i’m still down for the count with a nasty cold]

[image above, clockwise from top left: round turned leg table $599, raw table by garth roberts $6080 (splurge!), modernica dining table $895, muddus drop leaf table $49.99 (good for a small kitchen or parties of 1-3), huomenta table $1298, scrapile round dining table, pebble table $9825 (my dream table)]

[image above, clockwise from top left: cut-out dining table $199, sprout cafe table $799 (perfect for a small kitchen with 1 or 2 people), dragnet table at 1stdibs.com, nick table $1199, dorian table (just for fun bc it’s stunning in person), strut table $1099+, helena table $299.99, silverado dining table $279]

[image above, clockwise from top left: driftwood dining table $3760, weaver dining table, docksta table $149 (we have this one and it’s pretty decent on a level surface), maku table $1699, bieder table $3354, easton dining table $599.99, hancock table $1299+, platner dining table $2848, ps eden table $219]

[image above, clockwise from top left: silhouette table $599+, “big enough for the entire clan, and then some” table $1999, harlan table, landon dining table, new antique tables $2800 (so, so gorgeous in person), prouve em table $3995]

[image above: parsons dining table $299+]

[image above, left to right: haider natural dining table $1889, “chunk” dining table $1428, block bois table $1199]

[image above: harvest pedastal dining table $999]

[image above, clockwise from top left: thomas edison table $1395+, live edge dining table $3200, macau dining table $399.95, martha stewart everyday dining table $170.99]

[image above: harvest dining table $699+]

[image above: folding table and topper $158 (great for parties and poker games)]

[image above: glass oval dining table by tord boontje $6769]

Sues is not Martha

Oooh, I love the one all the way at the top right. And the similar one with glass top below that. I’m looking for a new kitchen table (no dining room in my apt) and think many of these could work!


i was just wondering what font you use in all these round-ups. mind sharing?



I saw the bludot table (the “nick”) at abc home recently and fell in love. Great choice.


Norine —
That tabletop is actually sold separately from the legs, so you can choose different sizes, finishes, height, etc. I actually bought just the legs and made my own top, since they didn’t have the size I wanted. The legs look great though, I love them.


I have an oversized perfectly square table- didn’t see any like it on your list.

But I can fit two people on each side comfortably, three if they’re petite, or just four chairs on each side. Similar to the Pier1 Latte table (page 61)

My boyfriend has a big family so I like to be ready if they come around, but having an enormously long table at all times wouldn’t cut it for me.


LOVE the Landon table, but I wish it was square and small enough to fit into my space. I’m looking for something to replace my current table. Isn’t there anything out there that can fit (with chairs) in a 4×4 space, expand to seat 6-8 people AND costs less than $300? ;-)


Beautiful selection, I would also recommend the Odyessey table from CB2 for a kitchen option.

Anna @ D16

Norine, I’ve seen this combo in person, and it does look great. If you’re like me and don’t mind the “patina” (read: scratches and fingerprints) that stainless steel is prone to, go for it! If you’re the type of person who obsesses over keeping things pristine and brand-new looking, don’t get a stainless steel table, because you will go insane. ;)


Norine, I have that Ikea table, and I love it. I paired it with a set of wooden Danish modern chairs. Anna is right on with mentioning scratches and smudges. You have to embrace the idea that the table will become a living history of all your dinners. But I think it looks like a much more expensive table than it is, and no one ever suspects its provenance.


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Catherine Diao

I tied to google the Haider natural dining table but couldnt find it? I like the bench and table combination. Any thoughts?



sadly this guide was from 2008, so that table may no longer be sold. i would try calling the store to see if they have any leftovers, but it’s probably out of its run at this point.


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OH my! Fabulous spaces and designs of furniture!I must search over more of the designs Well In my room I carry glass pots and candles from Poland near by my Dinning table.Appreciable work really outstanding but might be complex.Any discussions.Thanks.

Inspire Me Heather

Oh I love the different styles and some of them are definitely gorgeous pieces! I linked this to my “dining room tables” project post for inspiration!


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