before and after: teresa’s chair


have a before and after project you’d like to share on d*s? just shoot me an email right here with your pictures.



How does everyone get their paint so nice and smooth on all of their “before and afters”? I’m eyeing an old secretary (desk, that is) of mine…


i LOOOOVE these chair stories. they make me daydream when i should be working. makes me think of chaircouture, but even better because you don’t need oodles of $ and celestrial professional skills….


my grandmother has that dining room set. it was my great grandparents, they got it as a wedding gift in 1914.

Jennifer Mitchell

I think Theresa must live in Grosse Pointe. Have I seen her around somewhere? We Pointers are famous for embracing the pink and green whilst sipping our cocktails at the club. :)


I’ve done something similar with old wooden chairs before as well. The problem is, in spite of multiple gluing sessions, they always end up becoming rickety. Any suggestions?

Sue | Design

I am loving this site the more and more I visit. I just love all the new ideas that I have managed to pick up from you. Like this chair for example, not that I would use that vibrant green but it sure does make a statement.