before and after: jessica’s bedroom

d*s reader jessica sent in this great bedroom before and after. jessica has lived in this room since childhood and hadn’t done a room makeover since she was 11. now that she’s 23 she decided to change things up to represent her new age and place in life. i think it’s definitely a change for the good- i’m loving the rug and chandelier. thanks to jessica for sharing!

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wow! i did a double take when i scrolled down to see the “after” photo. great job jessica!


wow, wow, wow! nice job.

mind telling where you found the zigzag pilows?


great makeover. 23 and still living at home, can her parents adopt me?


oh wow… love this! great colors. interesting space. the floor!!!


This is an incredible transformation! I love the new colour palette with blacks and creams and pops of red and orange. That chandelier – wow!
I think what’s most impressive is that the major pieces – bed and side tables – were reused but feel completely different with the new bedding and lamps. Great job Jessica, thanks for sharing!


I’m so glad you all like it!

To answer your questions:

Ethanollie, the shams are Missoni from Neiman Marcus’s website.

Bridget, I’m the oldest of 4 daughters and my parents can always make room for one more!

VisuaLingual, my parents thought the same thing when they first bought the house! I’m too scared to watch the movie…

Kim and Joanna, the light fixture is from union lighting in Toronto.

Your kind words made my week! If you want to see more please check out my blog:


This is fabulous. Amazing how taking everything off the low side walls makes this feel so much bigger and brighter!


I adore those little windows. And the chandelier and the rug, but really those windows are too cute. I love how it seems like a cozy little nook of a room.


I can’t get over how awesome this looks! I’m also amazed that the pieces of furniture are all the same, the room looks astonishingly different. Great job!


That chandelier is fabulous. This looks like something out of a magazine!


Jessica – I am interested in the lamps on the tables if you remember who makes those. Thanks for sharing your awesome room makeover!

Suzanne Marques

i knew those had to be missoni! i love how they play against the black accents. quite the chic room for a 23 year old! goodness, i still can’t put things together now! future career perhaps?


that room makeover is amazing. it looks like something out of a magazine. love it.

i need to ask something … what font is used for the words “before” and “after”. the script is so pretty.


what font are you using for “before” and “after”- LOVE it!!!


love it
love it
love it!

so grown up…i only wish i’d had this much taste in high school, but i think i collaged every single thing in sight :)


Jess, you are the coolest! I can’t wait for you to help me decorate my new loft!


beautiful bedroom!!!

that blanket hung over the end of the bed looks like the most comfy thing ever, where is that from??

Julia Crawford

This is wonderful! Just out of curiosity, how much did you spend (cost) on the entire transformation, if you don’t mind sharing. Did you buy all new bedding, lamps, etc. or did you pull from other rooms in the house? It’s very lovely!


Great ! Congratulations! You did it without changing furnishing. Textiles are fantastic to change the atmosphere !


Bravo!! Very nice, really relaxing.
The choice in colors are very cool. How old were you when you bought those rolling stones frames?


Eva, I actually made the Rolling Stone series myself when I was 18- you can tell! haha


I thought the room looked lovely before but WOW the transformation is amazing, so cosy and grown up looking. Love it!