before and after: caroline’s chair

inspired by your before and after projects on d*s, caroline decided to buy some “junky” furniture and fabric to create her own before and after transformation. she started with a $5 goodwill chair and jessica jones’ new “leaflet” fabric and- to quote caroline- “several hours later…voila!”. i’d love to see something like this in a child’s room- it’s such a cheerful pattern. thanks to caroline for sharing!

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Carrie S.

WOW. I’m usually pretty good about seeing “potential” of a piece, but I never would have guessed that this 80’s/90’s monstrosity could look like THIS. Excellent work, Caroline!


Wow, that’s really well done. It would be great to have her do a post on steps to do something like that (I always have trouble with the welting)!


My goodness! I think we’re somewhat hard-wired to look beyond 80’s & 90’s eras when looking for furniture, but this is a perfect exception to that rule! I, for one, will keep this in mind as I look much closer at *all* styles of furniture. Like others, I would also love to know how one can learn the basics of re-upholstery.

marilyn p.

Wow,what a professional result! My only concern about reupholstering a thrifted chair is if the foam underneath is clean. Did they replace the foam as well? It looks fantastic!


did she say “several hours later…?!” if i had a lifetime i couldn’t do this. love your diy fridays!

j. caroline

Thanks for the props!

I did write up a general overview of what I did here. I hesistate to call it a tutorial, but it does show pics and I describe my general approach.

j. caroline

Several hours later meant 24 hours over 4 days. And no, the foam was not replaced. And it probably wasn’t clean. But out of sight, out of mind!


Rad shape!

It’s like night and day, with the fabric refresh…nightmare teenaged ’80’s basement fabric meets its match!


I just can’t stop thinking of bedbugs and all those minuscule creatures hiding in tiny crevices, infested furniture, everywhere!!!!!

sorry!… but I do love the final product + beautiful fabric.


I’m not so sure I like it, actually. Even after the re-upholstery…. maybe it’s the legs, and it’s lacking a pillow. Ugh, sorry, I don’t like it. :(


Fantastic work!! You’re attention to how to cut the pieces to match up the patterns is GREAT. That extra effort goes a long way! Kudos.