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sneak peek: trish grantham

by Grace Bonney

today’s incredible sneak peek belongs to portland-based artist trish grantham. trish is a self-taught painter who works with a variety of media and acrylic paint on wood panels. she describes her characters as paralleling japanese anime and existing in a unique fantasy world where they play out “classic themes of good versus evil and romantic love”. i love the playfulness in trish’s work and the way she uses soft washes of color contrasted by thick black lines. trish is currently have sale on her artwork right here and is selling a recently released collection of notecards here and postcards here. i hope you’ll enjoy her sneak peek as much as i did- as always you can click here for many (MANY) more full-sized photos of trish’s home. there are several photos after the fold, too so you can click here to view the full post or click “read more” below. enjoy! [all photos by michael paulus]

“I love making my home interesting and comfy! It’s filled with paintings from friends and artists I love…most of the work I have has been trade… which allows me to have great stuff! The black and white pics above my bed are Abra Ancliffe. I bought them all at Stumptown Coffee about a year ago. In the living room there are several different artists above the sideboard. Johnny eschelman=bird music box, michael paulus= hello kitty, a print from marcel dzama, 3 paintings bird, bird watching, and boy with bird is jessica bonin, and the 3 deers piece is Oksana Badrak– the rest are vintage.”

“Above my piano is a piece I bought in 2001 by Carson Ellis.”


“The large piece above my couch is Dan Ness.”

“The pieces by the log in the living room are Amy Ruppel‘s birds and planes series from 2000- and a newer piece from lisa congdon.”

“The pieces in the kitchen nook are my good friends. The Lincoln piece is Michael Paulus and the dots are Rachael Donaldson.”







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  • what is trish’s gorgeous wall color in the living room/bedroom? on my computer it looks like a fantastic pale green. any thoughts?

  • Hi Trish! I am an artist in PDX and I also own a piece of your work…something about “is that toast crying?” I love your stuff. And your home is beautiful. Where did you find your bed? It’s so interesting – the curves and details. I find that photo particularly compelling – the yellow light and the blacks – having almost a “memento mori” style somehow… lovely. Thanks for the photos!

  • What a lovely home! I especially like how the displays/vignettes are paired with art. The little bird stenciled or decoupaged on the side table is so sweet. Thanks Trish for sharing!

  • I also love the bed and would like to know more about it. what a beautiful home! i love sneak peaks!

  • I love the silhouettes above your bed. Is there any more information on that artist’s work?

  • Where can one purchase the silhouettes or similar ones!!???! I am absolutely dying to know.

  • This is a bit roundabout, sorry. I thought Trish’s bed so lovely I got all caught up thinking of beds and so went to see if you had a bed round-up, which you had, but on H&G. Now that they (and their website, sigh) are gone, can you publish another round-up (or even the same, though I imagine there may be issues?) on your site?

    Pretty please.

  • sarah

    i’m still working on getting all the guides up. i hope to be done by friday or next monday. i had to get through a little red tape first in terms of taking them back to d*s :)


  • Oh Trish, that is the most beautiful 1920s kitchen i have ever seen! I love 20s kitchens, and they are SO rare these days, with all the desperation for granite and cherry. The linoleum on the floor is so charming, and your cabinets too. the nook! the table (is that a lab table?) as island!
    best kitchen ever. i’m deeply in love.

  • i LOVE trish’s work (someday I hope to own a piece!) and her home is delighful! I agree with Lauren, I would like to hear more about the bed. It’s amazing!

  • thank you for the nice comments!
    so i wanted to give out the paint color in the livingroom, it’s benjamin moore- norway spruce!
    the bed is from the turn of the century,
    and from france….i love it.
    i bought it from a friend.

  • ever since i was first in trish’s house last summer i have been wondering when it would end up here in a sneak peek! beautiful photos…

  • I really love Trish’s bedroom…especially the elements of the black, feminine, curved bed frame & silhouettes paired with the stark white sheets & brown woolly army blanket.

  • Great looking place, Trish! I have to say something about your bench/coffee table: I have one that is completely identical!! It’s weird, because I see the inspiration for it all the time, but have never seen the version I have. Anyway, nice! Like your art arrangements, too.

  • I love the black & white silhouettes over the bed. Where can we buy? Everything in the home is…great. Please post more info on the artist for the silhouettes. I’ve done a web search and can’t find much more or where to buy.

  • Love the house! Yes, please let us know the artist of the silhouettes. Any comments on the log in the living room? A found object? Did you craft the piece yourself? Thanks!

  • wow that bed is incredible. all the colours and light in this place are so calming, what a nice place to live!

  • Trish – love your place! Hope to bump into at Stumptown. Grace – thanks for always providing such great sneak peaks.
    Best, Denise

  • I love the silhouettes as well, I am looking at them like parent, child combinations, or older and younger sibling pairs. Very cool way to reinvigorate this idea. Also love the dialog going on between the art in your home and the objects you live with. It all feels very personal. Lovely!

  • if flickr is showing up as private for you try hitting refresh or clearing your cache. it was unlocked at 1pm and there are several comments on the photos so they’re open ;)


  • I LOVE the wall color- it’s so beautiful and calm, and shows off the art nicely. Can we get the paint color???? I love this sneak peek.

  • That wall in back of the Elvis by Warhol . . . I think I recognize that tectonic tunic technician’s work . . . it is coming back to me . . . those roller strokes . . . ah shikes. there it goes again . . . like my trick bee, into the next world . . .

  • What an Awesomely done up home, Loved it tooo much. one of the most beautiful and artistic homes i have ever seen♥

  • Beautiful! Where did you get the piece of art that is above your blue table. Not the black framed one, but the one you can’t see clearly. I like!

  • hello! i love your place and your walls are absolutely gorgeous! Did you paint them yourself? I was wondering what the yellowish color in the bedroom might be?? how did you achieve those colors!!? it’s beautiful!

  • the colour on the walls is beautiful! looks like such a cozy little home, one of my faves!