sneak peek: lizzie garrett

lizzie garrett has been such a wonderful contributor at d*s over the past year or so. she wrote both the chicago and los angeles city guides and is helping me with a fantastic new design guide (more of a mega-resource, really) coming up soon. so i thought it would be fun to take a look into lizzie’s home that she shares with her boyfriend matt mettler in chicago. thanks to lizzie and matt for sharing- more photos after the jump. enjoy!

[stay tuned for more great interiors on thursday. alyson fox is sharing some updates to her home as part of the before/after column!]








Love it! Could you let us know the source of the zigzag rug in the living room please? Thanks.

Tara Emelye

Lovely and warm. Modern touches without the harsh edges. What a treat to see. What are the paint colors? I love the green/gray in the kitchen, please reveal!


does anyone know where I can find the chair/stool in the first photo? absolutely love them!


Thanks for the nice comments! The ZigZag Rug is from Madeline Weinrib, the paint is Benjamin Moore Aura, the eco-friendly line (AF-485), and the kitchen stools are from


the long metal bookcases are killer… Did Lizzie make them herself, if not where or where did they come from???


I love the long, low, metal shelving; can you tell us where/who/what?

Matt Wild

Great space. I was curious about the steel bookshelf. Is that something you have made or is it a kit?


I *love* the paint colors. Who, where, how…….pretty please?

Carolina Eclectic

This house is so much fun! I love the barstools in the kitchen. I also love to see another person who keeps a bulletin board of favorite pictures.


The bookshelf is from Ikea, it is called LAXVIK and they sort of work like legos, you can custom build up or out however you want.

Anna @ D16

Lovely colors! Bright & fresh, and I love the pup.

To those who are wondering, I believe the shelves are from the LAXVIK system from IKEA.


What inspiring space. I love these sneak peeks – they are a good kick in the pants to get me back to working on my own spaces.


Oh your dog is so precious! Your home is beautiful but the little dog is my favorite part.


I love the look of grouping books by color. But isn’t this an impractical way to organize books? (vs organizing by category?)

Linda Carson

The colour-ordered books are a glorious meme that was probably sparked by the Chris Cobb installation/intervention, There is Nothing in this Whole Wide World,
where he rearranged an entire used books store!

Impractical? Depends on the readers and the context. I remember my books, especially my art reference books, by colour and typography and “the right place”. As librarians know too well, people think they know where to reshelve books, but they’re often wrong. I’m looking forward to rainbow order in my new place. Rookies will still make serendipitous discoveries, have a better chance of reshelving correctly by colour, and if they don’t, the stray books will stand out to me like flashing neon. YMMV.


where can i get the print over the kitchen cabinets?? that’s the best solution for over-cabinet decoration i’ve seen. (my kitch cabinets are almost identical to yours, but everything i put up there looks tacky and/or cluttered… need a similar print!!!)
great place – thx!


nice home. where did you get that clear globe light pendant?


what’s the color on the wall in the last shot? looks great!

Mara SS

I’m going crazy trying to find LAXVIK on the Ikea site. I know it was there about a month ago. Any ideas anyone?