Sneak Peek: Bowie Style

the lounge has a blue, silver and white theme. the pictures reflect my love of italy and are mostly old architectural prints, the oval frame remains empty whilst i search for the perfect picture to go in there.


the fireplace is made from real plaster, its not original, but it follows the classical look. the fire is a fake electric one because we cant have a real one at the moment. next up is the design studio where the white theme continues, i love to have shelves full of books set against a white backround. the print on the wall is a real artwork by david bowie entitled ‘saucer’. its signed and dated by bowie and it feels so special knowing he has held it.


the kitchen is sunny in green and yellow with a country shaker style. i love this set of vintage canisters kept on the dresser.


finally, a look at the bedroom. the style here was infuenced by two great british designers cath kidston and laura ashley. i needed to pay homage to the era of the house but maintain my clean contemporary style. at the moment this is the only room in the house to use wallpaper.




lauren hunt

Ok, I feel very strange saying this, but, this lovely house? I can’t shake the feeling that it is a model, or a dollhouse. Everything is just a bt too perfect. The scale of some things seems odd, the pencils are so much larger than the books, which all use similar typefaces, and the lighting is too good. Am I going crazy? Really? Did I miss something?


brilliant but you dont fool me…its a dolls house..and i must admit i would happily live in it…i had to look really close…but its not a real house…is it ?


I wish there was a person in one of the photos, so I could get a better sense of scale… ;)

I love it!


wow – those laura ashley and benetton shopping bags really took me back. i used to work at benetton …. great training for folding nearly anything …. my closets are impeccable (for a few minutes, any way) thanks too my invaluable italian folding instructors. love the frames in the first photo, too. great idea with the empty “place marker”.


I totally thought this was a dollhouse, too. The light bulb in the desk lamp looks like the bulb on a strand of xmas lights!


Lovely, but there is no doubt in my mind that this is a dollhouse.


Thank god! I thought I was the only one getting the “dollhouse” vibe. (The scale issues were weirding me out!)

Anyway, lovely job!! Would love a pic of the outside, too.

carol eldridge

Either you are terribly clever with your photographs or I think this is a doll house…the scale looks off to me…it is so darling ….I just want to see a little doll house family move in there…great work on your guest blogging!



Ho what an endearing dollhouse!
I totally love the bookshelf idea with big titles and colors on the books. I’d love to have some spare time to try covering my real size books like this!


hello this is a little dollhouse, the scale is all off…lovely however!


what a cool idea! such a clever and creative outlet for home decor for those of us with miniature-sized budgets ;)

Ellen Crimi-Trent

okay, not fair it is too neat!! I love the combo of pale blue and silver, very soothing. I have soo many rooms in my house that are blue and I am thinking of changing the bedroom from a black and white toile to blue but not sure. I am envious of anyone who can maintain such beauty without clutter. It seems impossible to me to obtain this with kiddies!



Wow! I had no idea this was a dollhouse until I read these comments. Now looking back I feel like such a dummie. Totally fooled!


so i guess it goes without saying that this is a dollhouse ;)

it was going to be a surprise but i think the gig is up.



Not knowing it was a dollhouse, my only thought was is this for real? it’s way too perfect!
Great idea!

Ellen Crimi-Trent

okay now I feel like a dummy that I did not see the comments about the doll house, I do not have time to sort through everything but its still cute to me!



This is outstanding! Such fun.
May my toy collection of miniature rabbits come live here? (I promise they won’t chew up the place, altho that library looks good enuf to eat!)

heather moore

Man, that was freaky! Took me a while to realise it, but the dress on the hanger in the bedroom gave it away. Bowie, you sly thing!


Congrats on your lovely dollhouse! I too am redecorating mine, freshening it up to something I may actually want to live in. It’s great fun to create your space in miniature, especially when it’s either out of your budget, or out of your limited space. Thanks for posting this, it’s really comforting knowing there are other modern dollhouses out there!


Love your style! I am a huge fan of The Dolls House Emporium; its nice to their furniture being put to such good use. PLEASE post more pictures of the entire dollhouse! Lovin’ it! Thanks for sharing.