servingware roundup

when it comes to dinner parties and having people over, i prefer to serve food and snacks in non-traditional ways, using vintage pieces that aren’t necessarily intended for food (but of course, only ones that are food-safe). and if i do use servingware, i like it to be on either end of the spectrum: vintage and full of pattern or super simple and white (i use a lot of heath). i’ve gotten several of emails over the past few weeks asking for a servingware guide so i thought today would be the perfect day to post one. i’ve tried to include a range of plates, platters, bowls and a few utensils (in different styles, colors and price ranges) so hopefully you’ll find something in here that will be perfect for showcasing your hard work in the kitchen. enjoy! [there are many more photos after the jump so click here for the full roundup or click “read more” below]

another in the kitchen with recipe is coming up next…

[image above, clockwise from top left: katie brown orange serving plate $12.99, bayou platters $34.95+, michael aram dish $85, sarah cihat plate (i use these all the time for snacks and appetizers), ruffled cake stand $20, cork bowls $168 (for large), high-tea cookie stand $98, pod serving set $82, vertigo trays $750]

[image above, clockwise from top left: martha stewart maidenhair platter in blue $29.99, thomas o’brien serving bowl $19.99, sushi-time plate $50, lorena barrezueta dipping dish $45 (i use these practically every day), salad serving set $22 (one of two shown), mosaic platter $16.50, serpent tray $125, lorena barrezueta dish $80, white coral reef dish $155]

[image above, clockwise from top left: glass pedestals $8- $12, tampopo dishes set of 6 for $17.50, petite clanwilliam cake stand $98, americana galvanized tiered sever $26.24, robex dish $25, gratin serving dish $7.96, mosaic platter $25, classic century platter $52.95]

[image above, clockwise from top left: lucite tray with rocks $585, mist platters $52.95+, ibride squirrel tray $65, porcelain platter $230, pod nut dish $68, sugar bowl and creamer $28, katie brown serving bowl $14.99, egg bowl $75+]

[image above: beautiful porcelain ceramics (both sides) from mud australia. i use their small dishes for serving olives and small snacks. you can see their “in the kitchen with” recipe right here]

[image above: hungry serving bowls $94+]

[image above: nesting plates $620]

[image above: diana fayt dish $420]

[image above: mercury cake stand $34.99 ]


I probably live for your weekly servingware roundup! Its killing me, I’m going to be broke by the summer! Heck, more like spring..

Lab Monkey

It’s pretty rare for me to get excited about a dish, but that Squirrel Serving Tray is genius! Such color! Such whimsy! And a rodent to boot!


I live for these round ups! You are a source of inspiration to us all.

I’m looking for a good serving tray, nothing too expensive but if you ever get in the mood to do another tray roundup I’d be thrilled :)