sconce roundup

d*s reader kristin just moved up to lovely beacon, ny with her husband and needed some help with finding some great sconces for over her mantle. so i thought it would be fun to do a big roundup, especially since i’ve been trying to do some more lighting posts lately. i’ve chosen a wide range of prices, styles and types (hard-wire, plug-in, candle) so i hope you’ll enjoy the guide. as always, the guide continues well past the fold so please click here to see the full post or just click “read more” below. looking for more product guides? click here to see the rest.

[UPDATE: the bed guide and bedding guide are back up and running!]

[image above, clockwise from top left: agnes and hoss single arm sconce $450, saucer wall sconce $375, crystal leaf sconce $49.95, gabriel sconce $299, superordinate sconce $370, ph 3-2.5 sconce $864, orbit sconce $280, pistillo sconce $799, foglio wall light $236]

[image above, clockwise from top left: legna wall sconce $280, rialto sconce $149, swiss wall sconces from the 1970s at 1st dibs, beryll wall lamp $14.99, reflection candle sconce $24.95, i-club wall sconce $597, twig bunch wall sconce $49.95, small pucci wall sconce $280, anastacha wall sconce $2,010.25, caboche wall light $553]

[image above: torch sconce $375]

[image above: dogwood sconce $1725 (this is my favorite, hands down. it’s heaven)]

[image above, left to right: circles sconce $1150, rustic glass sconce $99-$179, butterfly wall sconce $649]

[image above: meridian sconce $110- $150]

[image above, left to right: white coral sconce $299, woodland sconce $39.99, mirror sconce $129]

[image above: fiorella wall sconce $574.20 (man, this is gorgeous)]

[image above, clockwise from top left: aj eklipta wall lamp $399 (small size), loft sconce $295, ventana wall sconce $175, parker wall sconce $175, paige sconce $119]

[image above: eclipse wall light by ochre]

[image above: metal wall lamp $99 at west elm]

[image above, clockwise from top left: library swing-arm sconce $140 (we have these in our bedroom!), venus wall light $288, ginetta wall sconce $574.20, hans sconce by perch design $230]

Mindy Markowitz

Oh I love, love the dogwood sconce. She should get that one!


i love that dogwood sconce!! wow, a hefty price tag though. wonder how hard that would be to try to make . . .


I am desperately looking for bedside table lamps that would clip onto my headboard, so that I can move my bed around and not attach my lights to the wall…any ideas? Thanks!

kristen c.

oh goodness me oh my what a perfectly lovely guide! thanks so much, grace! is it possible to hang every single one of these over my mantle? would that be too much? ;) thank you for this incredibly beautiful and useful inspiration.


i love these sconces. i have the pistillino on my hallway ceiling and it reflects beautifully.

i need some for my bedroom though, & there are so many wonderful little gems here


As a loyal d*s reader, I just wanted to welcome Kristin to Beacon – I’ve lived up here the past 3 1/2 years and loved every minute! (and thanks for ALL the helpful shopping guides!)


I have been thinking so much about sconces lately, I keep seeing potential places for them in my home, what is up with that! I love the circles one and most of the really architectural ones here, man, you really got me thinking!


karyn- you may want to check out Ikea if you are looking for something more economical. I have a sconce from there that you can either clip on or mount to the wall.

liz ruork

the inexpensive “woodland sconce” is perfect for me…. but the link takes me to horchows where i dont see the sconce adn moreover it doesnt really seem to be there priceoitn…is it possible it is from another source and if so…where can i find it?????
thank you thank you



i think this piece may be sold out or unavailable- i can no longer find it on the site. sorry. this post was from a while back so sometimes products we include go out of a store’s rotation.


liz ruork

hihi grace tracked it down…it is from pottery barn and of course sod out…. but i have found some on ebay…thank you!!!