ottoman roundup

now that you’ve got something to rock on, how about a place to rest your feet? today’s last product guide is all about ottomans- those multi-purpose covered footstools that can act as coffee tables, foot rests or side tables. i selected a wide range of colors, styles and prices (including a DIY project version) so i hope you’ll enjoy the guide. there are several photos after the jump so click here to view the full ottoman roundup or just click “read more” below. looking for more product guides? click here to check out all of the d*s guides we’ve posted so far.

[image above, clockwise from top left: bukhara ottoman at 1stdibs, rosamund needlepoint ottoman $248, palm house ottoman $398, huntington ottoman $549, bottoni ottoman $765, kramfors footstool $229, denver ottoman $89.99, teak ottoman $349]

[image above, clockwise from top left: jennifer delonge linen ottoman $599, noctua ottoman $598, savannah ottoman $499, nurseryworks ottoman $424, womb ottoman $1043, franco albini ottoman at 1st dibs, bottoni ottoman in taupe $1100]

[image above, clockwise from top left: storage cube ottoman $129.99, barcelona ottoman $1895, akamai ottoman $289.99, tiny truck tarp ottoman $498, goodnight ottoman $620, rochelle ottoman $499, petal ottoman $158, cubix in aqua $78, phoebe ottoman $995]

[image above, clockwise from top left: petrie ottoman $499, camelback upholstered ottoman $590, desmond ottoman $339.99, roth ottoman $905, flower power storage ottoman $149.99, vega ottoman $765, noguchi freeform ottoman $2475]

[image above, clockwise from top left: seagrass ottoman $299, soho storage cube $179.99, issy ottoman $199.99, track ottoman $399, kramfors footstool $249, karlstad footstool $199, plaza ottoman with tray $179.99, monroe storage ottoman $299, jellyfish ottoman $280, klein ottoman $699]

[image above: fantastic diy footstool project from blueprint magazine]

[image above, left to right: danish dot storage ottoman $68, fjord stool/ottoman $1222]

[image above: cork ottoman $299]

[image above: bamboo ottoman by bart bettencourt $1200]


I did a DIY that looks similar to the anthropologie needlepoint cube- I bought a cheap plain foam cube and covered it in a six sided slipcover with upholstery velcro to keep it together. It took a bit of measuring to figure out the seam allowances, but made a great patchwork ottoman for under $40.


any chance you’ll ever do a futon roundup? i know most of the are ugly, but if anyone can find nice looking ones, i was hoping it would be you!


they all make me want to put my feet up. . i love the roth ottoman. so bedroomy and pretty. the rochelle is a close second. i love how it looks like two puffy pillows stacked.

bre is onto something. can you include sofas that fold out to a bed? i have a tiny room that won’t fit a big bed, but i’ve never found a futon i like.

manhattan craft room

Thanks, these are great! Any thoughts on doing a small dining table round-up? (If you haven’t already, and maybe I missed it?) I can’t find much of anything in between cafe size (28″) and full size (42″+). help! xoxo


hey grace, I know this isn’t the forum to bring this up, but I can not believe that Heath Ledger has passed away. I know that he was a fellow New Yorker and feel for his family and his daughter and Michelle Williams.

Jennifer "JR"

Thanks for the roundup! Is there a coat rack roundup in the future? I have been searching and finding nothing I like.


Hey, what do you know—I have the same franco albini ottoman. It was at my parents’ home forever. I always liked it, but didn’t know the designer until I saw your post. There are a couple of places on it where the rattan binding has become brittle and broken. I wonder if I ought to have it refurbished, or keep it as is. If anyone has an opinion on this, thanks in advance. I’m curious.

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wow…i didn’t realize how much i loved the ottoman until now. cheers! (i especially love all the black ‘n white patterns especially the desmond ottoman!


Great round up! I’m slowly updating my apartment, and an ottoman is on my list! I may have to search for some cute floor cushions to tackle the DIY version.


I use ottomans in every shape and form whenever I can. They do the job in many ways: texture, color, comfort, practicality.
Love the cork ottoman and the Zebra footstool!


I was under the impression that ottomans were an older generational thing, somthing my grandma would have in her home, I didn’t realize until recently that they come in the various designs from retro to modern contemporary. Great for adding a little more comfort to many rooms in your home.


Thanks for the roundup! Is there a coat rack roundup in the future? I have been searching and finding nothing I like.