new things…

i’m not the type of person who does well with money burning a hole in my pocket. not that i should really be spending that money but i had a few small checks from family christmas presents sitting on my dresser so i decided to do some home shopping, my favorite thing. what did i pick up? a bright new shower curtain by vera bradley for peacock alley, those gorgeous wooden hooks by live wire farm, lovely vintage teaspoons and tea soap at saipua in brooklyn and new ikea frames for my collection of etsy prints (most of which are from ashley g, office sf, matte stephens, kate and sugarloop. now, where to hang all those prints…





Good for you for treating youself! I LOVE those coral door pulls- where on earth did you find those?


You are so together, having everything framed already! All my purchased prints are still sitting in a drawer…where did you get such great frames?


Oh how fun! I love seeing all your little purchases, seems I am not alone in the Christmas money=hole in pocket conundrum. Are you going to hang your new prints along the hallway?



thanks! i haven’t decided yet. i’ll share photos whenever i decide. i really want to set up a proper desk area for myself (in addition to the area i use now) and maybe put these above it. i just want a wall full of these little bearded men ;)



Do you have the link directly to the shower curtain, I love it but can’t find it on the peacock alley site…



I am the same way, when there is money to spend, I can’t find a single thing! When I’m tight, I want to remodel my entire house and buy a brand-new wardrobe.

Those are some spiffy buys though so they were well worth it!


You, too? My wife bought me a couple of large Matte Stephens pieces and the Christmas cash on my dresser went for framing.


Oh my goodness. I was doing bad enough having never ventured out of anthropologie’s clothing section. I am DOOMED!


I’m pretty sure you’ve blogged these before, but can you remind me which artist did the beard series of prints? My recently embearded husband may need these…


Oh! Those bearded men are amazing. Looks like I’m too late to buy any of my own on etsy. I am jealous. How long ago did you buy them, Grace?

Those ikea frames are excellent. I too have finally framed a bunch of prints I’ve had sitting in a box. They look fantastic.


I love the pink flower print that I think is Kate’s (?), but the hyperlink from her name in the post doesn’t work. Can you repost the link to the print? THANKS!


hye grace. My question is a bit odd, but i really wana know if we can make the frame by there any tutorial out there? i’ve searched for it but don’t find any.


I need to really start shopping and get me some nice prints too and then off to IKEA for some frames… So inspiring!


Hang a line of the bearded guys behind the couch under the bookshelf. I don’t know about the rest – you have so much cool artwork! I love the wallpaper pieces from Nama Roccoco. I have two here in my studio -the French Dot. I live in Cincinnati, so I am lucky to get them at sample sales!