new ashley g

ok, i’m a little late to the game with this because they debuted last night (i was out buying a curtain for our living room, sorry) but ashley g has some wonderful new prints that definitely deserve a mention. her last update was mainly bearded guys (i love them!) but this update includes both bearded guys and moustached babies. so fun- it reminds me of the baby in the second adams family movie (pubert?). you can shop all of her colorful (and affordable) prints right here at etsy. happy shopping!



I saw those, and immediately thought of the baby Gomez, before I read your comment!

So cute, I wish babies were really born with mustaches!


I was so excited when I saw these last night. I’ve been waiting for the bearded guys, but then I saw the moustached babies too! I had to get one of each.


If your in San Francisco you can also buy Ashley G’s moustached/bearded men at RARE DEVICES. I bought one and am in love with it!!