My Personal Spaces

A more personal post this time. I wanted to show off a few of my at home spaces. I have a little crowded house which will soon be undergoing renovations as we are getting pushed out by kids and their stuff. But despite that I still manage to keep a few corners for myself and my inspiration.

This is an image of our art gallery (above) – all kids art of course.

These porcelain pieces are by my good friend and artist Amanda Schulz whose work is so gorgeous – she is inspired by everyday things.

Here is my red front door – my favourite colour.

And this is my garden – I am slowly changing it over to be in keeping with our drought conditions and water restrictions. I love to potter in my garden space – we recently had these big boulders installed and they are perfect for creating separate garden spaces.

And this is our back yard – the kids recently hung these Tibetan prayer flags which are so colourful, and in the background is my husbands mud oven – used for pizza and bread.


What beautiful spaces. Do you happen to have info on your artist friend Amanda Schulz? I’d love to get more info about her work and where to get it (I’m in the US). Thanks!


i’ve been a fan of whip-up for ages and it is so nice to get to know more about the woman behind the scenes. thanks!


I’m really enjoying your guest posts here. Red Current was one of the first blogs I ever discovered, and definitely the first addiction. I miss it. Whip-up is great too of course.